Thursday, August 18, 2022

OSR Commentary On The Hostile Rpg & The Shoulder of Orion Military campaign - Explorers & Miners

 This morning over a spot of breakfast & some tea with a few of my fellow DM's at a local donut place. And we're talking space colonies within the Shoulder of Orion. So we picked straight up from this blog post here.  The way we're envisioning this is the fact that these megacorps were dropping colonies like McDonald's Happy Meals. After the explorers & mining expediations blew through these various systems. 

At this point however the locals are now in the cross hairs of the marines & the megacorp forces. The colonists of course might be expenable assets. But are they really?! There might be a hidden asset that comes in the form of a station refinery outfit that takes on any & all planetary ores to be processed. These can easily be designed from Independence Games Port of Entry Starports in the Clement sector book. 

But are these corporate assets really going to be destroyed or will the colonists simply switch sides when the marines arrive?! A simple change in corporate logos and back to work they go under new management?! I believe the answer to this,yes. 
And that answer is found within Zozer Games ubiquis Pioneer Stations that seem to be scattered across the Hostile sector like so many pebbles across a beach. 

Because all of these campaign elements work hand in hand with the explorers and who sends out these teams?! The Cascadia Colonization Authority, which is made up of the department heads from various mega corps. Because even though the mega corporations might be at war not every end of the hydra is going to be. Some of these get along just fine especially when newer alien planetary resources are to discovered. We wouldn't want any of the other megacorps gaining a lead over the other now would we. 

To be sure there are going to be causlities of engagements & outright corporate destruction of property & assets. But the companies will 'try' to minimize the taking of life especially of colonists. Because skilled labor is downright expensive and putting a colonist out in middle of nowhere squared only to be killed by Gypsy ships? This is just not acceptable. 
And what about those entities that simply don't care?! We discussed yesterday the idea of waste products being left scattered across the 'Shoulder of Orion' in the form of artificial alien entities or biological product. 
This is where  Zozer's Alien Breeds comes in for us. 

The idea that we are the product for the other products is nothing new. But add into this the factor of artificial biological soldiers and things get weird & interesting. Weird because the locals just the sort you find in  Hub Federation Ground Forces are going to be on the production schedule for the deadly creatures found in 'Alien Breeds'. 

One second the synthetics megacorporation A. might be fighting against the colonists or locals & then in a death rattle with them against things that have been inactive for eons. Things that  only to adapt to our biology very quickly and shift their focus to a very alien agenda to the human race. 
Alliances shifting like sands because of the radical movement of history is another theme that John Brunner addresses over & over again in his fiction. 

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