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Review & Commentary On 'Victorious Rule Britania' By Mike Stewart For The Victorious Rpg From Troll Lord Games

"Ruling over the oceans and a quarter of the Earth’s surface, the British Empire is unarguably the Superpower of the Nineteenth century. Yet cracks appear in the façade of Anglo-Saxon superiority, and nefarious forces are determined to overthrow Queen Victoria’s realm. Details abound on turn of the century British society, cities, and figures that Victorious heroes and heroines might encounter for good or ill."

Victorious Rule Britania is the book end of Manifest Destiny where Manifest Destiny covers the United States of Victorious in detail. Victorious Rule Britania covers the United Kingdom & especially Victorious London in great detail. Victorious Rule Britania covers the point  of Supermankind in places, people, & society.  Regions of London, it's underworld, people, etc are given their duty within this campaign setting book. And it's this attention to detail of the world of Victorious rpg that stands out. New York & London are the campaign settings for Victorious as England is the center of the Earth super power during the Victorian era. 
And so Victorious Rule Britania places the action & the PC's at the center of the alternative Steampunk events. And these can be used as adventure hooks. Mike Stewart again knows his subject very well giving a sense of agency & gratis to the world of Victorious. And Britian's London is at the height of it's power where the Sun never sets and vile villains are just around the corner. We get a great selection of areas & NPCs to drop right into our Victorian era adventures.


And we get a heaping of the frontiers of that empire & we get the historical NPC's from the edges of empire to create adventures centered on Britiannia. 
'Victorious Rule Britania' By Mike Stewart features the gentlemen & ladies of the day such as Conan Doyle, H.G.Wells, and many more. We get the finer points of these movers & shakers of empire for example;"Oscar Wilde: He is a Good mortal bard whose vital statistics are: Level 2; Hit Points 12; Armor Class 10. His prime attributes are Wisdom and Charisma. His significant skills are Etiquette 1 (Polite), Fine Arts 2 (Writing), and Thespian 1."  Oscar Wilde was one of the defining personalities, thespians, and all around scandals of the Victorian era.  And even in an era of Supermankind these historic NPC have their gravitas and place within a Victorious campaign. 
'Victorious Rule Britania' also includes heavy hitters like Captain Nemo; "Captain Nemo Proper Name: Prince Dakkar of India Strength: 12 (+0) Dexterity: 18 (+3) Constitution: 10 (+0) Intelligence: 25 (+7) Wisdom: 9 (+0) Charisma: 17 (+2) INIT: +0 Actions: 1 per round AC: 10, +3 (Dodge) Defensive: None Hit Points: 36 Level: 8 Alignment: Neutral Victory Points: 0 Skills: Etiquette 1 (Polite), Firearms 1, Linguist 5 (English, French, German, Greek, Latin [Hindu native]), Melee 1, Prime 2 (Intelligence, Charisma), Profession 1 (Nautical Arts), Science 2 (Engineering, Oceanography), Survival 1 (Ocean), Thespian 2 (Organ, Storytelling), Wealth 2 (Sunken treasures) Supernatural Powers: Attribute 2 (+10 bonus), Invention 5, Mesmerism 1 Packages: None Shortcomings: Dependent Mundane (Crew of Nautilus), Enemy 2 (Great Britain), Looking for a Broom Closet, Phobia (Code of Honor), Phobia (Hates British), Secret Identity (Prince Dakkar) Equipment: Nautilus Submersible (See Hunter & Hunter Catalogue)". 
We can make out that 'Victorious Rule Britania' By Mike Stewart is sweeping overview of a campaign setting book & it works on a number of levels.  'Victorious Rule Britania' works as a quick campaign setting book for Victorious rpg when the DM doesn't have time to do a full on adventure but has to put his party in the middle of England. Two 'Victorious Rule Britania' can be used to fill in London or it's environs as an urban adventure landscape for Victorious. Three there's all of the information on England, it's empire, and the crown jewel of London as a complete ready to go campaign for Victorious. 

'Victorious Rule Britania' By Mike Stewart is a lovely little gem of a campaign book that has a bit of everything that DM needs to set his or her game of Victorius in Victoria's England & London. The PC's can rub shoulders with Conan Doyle, consult with H.G. Wells, and find themselves against the knives of Jack The Ripper. I think that 'Victorious Rule Britania' is one of the essential books for Victorious. And 'Victorious Rule Britania' By Mike Stewart needs to be among the tools of the DM who wants to run the era of 'the sun never sets on the Empire of England' with supers. 

'Victorious Rule Britania' By Mike Stewart For The Victorious Rpg From Troll Lord Games  Is Available Here. 

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