Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Back To The Starship Warden?! - Using Cepheus Engine Rpg & Stars With Number rpg Together - 'Shiny, Let's Be Bad Guys!'

So we've been all over the map when it comes to thinking out some of our Fall campaign scheduling. And it's been months since we got a chance to do one of our favorite campaigns. A combination of Stars Without Number & Cepheus Engine.You can read more about that over here. 

 And then over the last course of a couple of days we each got an update saying that Troll Lords was going to drop the Starship Warden for an update or reboot to it's Amazing Adventures rpg line. And so the Warden is on sale over at Troll Lord games.  And we've still got a full on game campaign going set in our version's univere of the Warden. 
And we were not playing the 'good guys' but space pirate mercenary adventurers and we had a blast. We swapped out the starship rules of Stars Without Number revised for Cepheus Engine rpg system. We managed to escape the Warden (just barely after getting our foot in the hanger and almost getting eaten alive by mutant scum) and our party literally left. 

We had 'The Space Patrol' on our behinds and managed to lay low for a month or so running piracy jobs for the criminals at Old School Role Playing's Pay What You Want Trading Post. 
And we ran whatever crap piracy jobs we could on the Frontier's edge. 

We ran afoul of space wizards, reticullan royal cults, and had a blast. And we also used Independence Games Skull & Crossbones to help fill in some of the criminal  background of our sector. And we also had more background with the Goya as a part of the story of the Warden. 

We had three DM's taking turns running this campaign and it was going gangbusters but what we really wanted was to return to the Warden! But scheduling conflicts caused all kinds of issues & we got two new players who caused drama and the game took a nose dive. But now the players & the DM's are on board for the return to the Warden. 
Cepheus Engine players hate mixing this campaign  with Stars Without Number as the Stars Without Number players hate this out in the inner webs. Tough titties we were having a blast with this. And so are returning to the Warden soon. More action coming up! 

There are five things happening right now for our party: 
  1. We've got a bounty on our heads for the crew of the Goya which the authorities think we murdered for 50,000 credits
  2. The party managed to piss off a Reticulan cult and they want us dead.
  3. Several pirate gangs and groups want us to join after we pumped weapons into their pipe line to keep our hacker alive. 
  4. The corporations gave us three side jobs but wanted the coordinates for the Warden. The party managed to cover their tracks. 
  5. The party hates wolfoids most of all. 


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