Wednesday, August 24, 2022

OSR Atomic Campaign Commentary - A Most Dangerous NPC Count Zaroff Background Part I

 So as we once fold back into the Siege Engine mode play there's an mini campaign idea that came about because of consolidating campaign ideas. The 1960's Atomic War dimensional plane has been a mini planar branch that our Amazing Adventures PC's sometime found themselves upon. You can read about that mini campaign in part I here & part II here. 
And upon this planar wasteland Earth there's a mighty hunter of human & mutantkind Russian Count Zaroff, & his faithful mutant servant Ivan. World War III is long over and 'Shipwreck island' has become a hazard to shipping routes throughout the South American Coast off of what was once Chile. 

Fall Out has become a real hazard as it sweeps across the globe periodically wiping out entire communties and regions as it sweeps down from the Earth's atmosphere. The world of mankind has been reduced back to the technological level of the 1920's & 1930's. Mutation has made the wilds of Earth all at much more dangerous. 
And 'Shipwreck island' is a small dot owned by the Russian Cossiack oligarch Count Zaroff. Zaroff survived World War III with the rank of general and claimed the island with it's chateau & underground fallout shelter. 'Shipwreck Island' has a reputation of death, it's impentrible jungles holding only the deadliest of beasts, mutant animals, & worse. 
Count Zaroff hunts only the deadliest mutants & humans across his island & beyond pitting his prowess, abilities, and equipment against the best this world has to offer. Zaroff only keeps the most expressive parts of his prey the head. 
Zaroff is incredibly dangerous having a vast array of weaponry of Korean War & World War II era in prime condition in a motor pool  as well as mini airport on his island. Because Zaroff employs his own tribe of mutant henchmen everything is ready to move at a moment's notice. Count Zaroff has retired to his island but keeps his ear to the pavement for any 'exceptional prey' human or mutant. 
Count Zaroff may become an NPC ally or enemy for the players as he hunts mutant menaces for wasteland  communities for the thrill of it. 

Count Zaroff & co. are anti heroes & complete heels mysteriously helping a wasteland community only to disappear back to 'Shipwreck island' in time for a banquet fit for a king or at the very least a count. Count Zaroff is taken from a 1932 American pre-Code horror film 'The Most Dangerous Game' , directed by Irving Pichel and Ernest B. Schoedsack, starring Joel McCreaFay Wray and Leslie Banks.
Next time we'll get deep into building Count Zaroff in Amazing Adventures. 

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