Friday, December 7, 2018

OSR Atomic Campaign Commentary "This Shall Not Come To Pass" Revisiting The Free Downloads Of Issue #2 Of Atomic War & Issue #2 World War III

"Look upon the pictures of our giant cities hundred of years in the building, smashed by the atom-bomb, and say: this shall not come to pass! More than ever today, only a strong America can prevent this from becoming a reality!"

Between work & a series of migraines I haven't had much time to jump right back into the Atomic laden battle ground of my commentary on Atomic War issue #2 ! New York has been destroyed complely last issue & is now a roiling burning cinder wasteland in a limited nuclear war. The retro future of 1960's depicted in Atomic War! & World War Three issue #2 or #3 depending upon Comic book plus or the Internet Archive) is squarely in the realms of weird science. The cover depicts a kidnapping of a Korean general by US Army helipack commandos! Sadly the interior doesn't depict such an operation!? But inside we get right into the meat & potatoes of a Korean/Soviet war that turned red atomic hot! In Atomic War issue 2/3 from 1952 we get right into Operation Vengeance the nuclear bombing of the Moscow by American forces straight out of Greenland. Then Operation Invasion we get a detailed overview of the Russian response with paratroopers trying to invade Alaska! The spy from Coney Island is the interior fiction piece & hits the bricks running. Mission Demolition is wall to wall fighting in the European theater between the Soviets & Americans with the American Nuclear artillery remaining victorious!

World War III is squarely in the wheel house of the classic Atomic Age Science Fiction & weird science genre. The first story called Jet Jammers Jamboree where the Soviets test a piece of universal jamming equipment straight out of Dr.Frankenstein's laboratory. The Americans have an artillery piece that looks like it would belong on Mongo more then the Korean War. Commando in Muftiis about the Russian Resistance & American forces working with them. Its about a Soviet nuclear stock pile bunker & the raid to take it. Very Star Wars in its way actually. Devils of the Deep is Soviet submarine action & pits the Soviets against the United States Navy bubble headed helmets included!

The way that these two issues strike me is how evenly the various armies are in these series by Ace. All of them have similar post WII gear with a weird science twist or two. All of the hard ware is very Fallout & post apocalyptic weird. The events of WWIII depicted are smaller scale concerning the nuclear aspect but very high scale in regards to battles & events ala the events of World War II. This is due to the writing & artwork. Everything depicted in these two issues is pure Pulp style.
Everything in these two issues is tailor made for Mutant Future or Gamma World. But there's a solid fantasy element that could be over looked. Could all of these atomic bombs be blowing planar holes in the fabric of space time?! What happens when adventurers or worse begin crossing into this smaller scale atomic wasteland?

You can Download World War III issue #2 right over here

Atomic War Issue #2 Can Be Downloaded Right Here

 Now what happens to all of those powerful artifacts that are sitting in various museums across this version of the Sixties Atomic War Earth? Will there be incredible dimensional & planar doors opening at various points letting powerful other worldly energies across the landscape & possibly bringing invaders from beyond or worse?
Could there be generations of mutants, psions, & heroes already among the populace simply waiting for the call to action? this is a world in need of saving but is ready to be saved in the middle of a war that it hardly seems to understand?!

If  World War II saw a huge explosion of costumed adventurers then WWIII might see another Pulp age the likes of which we haven't seen before!

Dimensional doors swing both ways & the call of adventure echoes across the planes! Meaning that we may see fantasy adventurers from other worlds seeking justice, opportunity, & the advantage to exploit another world in dire need of their services.

Next time how, where, & why the post apocalyptic smashes head long in to the weird science & hard Sword & Sorcery fantasy of OSR gaming! Stay tuned kids!

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