Sunday, December 30, 2018

Double Death In The Desert - OSR Play Session Report Two

" The Earth is striking a blow against the Martian invaders with the 1964 military expedition back to the launch point city  for the 1895 invasion of Earth. Strange radio transmissions & weird lights were seen on the Martian surface after the Atomic War of 1960. The Earth is united in its commitment to destroy any trace of the Invaders!'

In our last game the players have been attacked have by Grey saucers & they overcame these saucers but it cost them. Now this session they were meeting some of the local Red Martian tribesmen.But outside of the city they were attacked  the Grey's  
Chupacabra guard dogs! 
Artist LeCire

After a lengthy battle the PC's were able to destroy the guard dogs & gain access to the wasteland tunnels beneath the old launch site city. They wandered through the countless tunnels & finally found a power crystal along with samples of growing Red Weed . The weed was of a slightly different variety then some the party's American patrons had on Earth. They also encountered two different Invader robots but these didn't pay them the slightest interest. But they made their way to the surface in an unexpected move?! Once they reached the surface they started to zig zag for a maintenance facility & I rolled up a Martian tripod for a random encounter! The party had been getting some help from a Red Martian scout from a Earth  sympathetic Martian tribe. 

As a dungeon master I figured that they'd run away. Martian tripods are nothing to trifle with!?! Instead they stood & fought the giant war machine & within ten minutes I knew that things were going to go very badly! The dice started to work against them & even with seven players the fate points started to be spent! Twenty minutes in & it was over with a heat ray blasting the party & vaporizing them! So yeah it was a total party kill tonight.

So yeah I grabbed this whole holiday from my bag of tricks. I used The Best of The Dragon Issue#1 & #2 especially the article 
 Deserted Cities of Mars By James M Ward . Then I grabbed HG Wells & Edgar Rice Burroughs A Princess of Mars. The system we used was Amazing Adventures! rpg & the Amazing Adventures Manual of Monsters 

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