Sunday, August 7, 2022

Using The Night Shift Veterans of the Supernatural Rpg With The Sisters of the Seven Sins (Wretched Version) By Miguel Ribeiro, Sílvia Clemente, & Joe Coombs For The Wretchexploitation & The Wretched Époque rpg


So three weeks ago I dusted off Veterans of the Supernatural Wars rpg after thumbing through the Red Room's Resort of the Dead after running this adventure with Bloat Games system. Why?! Bloat Games systems should be good enough and it is. But we've had a Veteran's chronicle running in the background for months with the 'Lost In The Eighties! LoFP Carcosa & OSR Actual Play Session - Extension'. Now DM Steve has been rattling his dice about going back to 'the Lost in The Eighties' chronicle because of our game of   The Sisters of the Seven Sins (Wretched Version) By Miguel Ribeiro, Sílvia Clemente, & Joe Coombs today. 

The key part of  running The Sisters of the Seven Sins (Wretched Version) By Miguel Ribeiro, Sílvia Clemente, & Joe Coombs is going to be three fold. One is the fact that 'The Sisters of the Seven Sins 'the Wretched version' is going be jumped up into the early Eighties. And next is to use the Night Companion: a Sourcebook for Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars which has stats for the The N'gathau or the Displines of Pain in the Wretchploitation rpg. These demonic creatures have many names in their cold Hells. The Sisters of the Seven Sins is perfectly suited for running an extended demonic  chronicle in Portugal right at the tail end of 1979 and into the early 80's. And even with PC's with supernatural powers are not going to mean a whole lot against  the Displines of Pain. Even the PC levels are not that far off of a Veteran's game. The Sisters of Seven Sin is a Giallo game adventure & there will be blood, adult themes, and lots more. Does Wretchploitation have anything to offer to the Veterans DM?! 

And in answer to this question?! Yes absolutely it does and this because both Wrechploitation & Veterans OSR rpg systems  are modular in nature. And this allows the DM to use some of the 13 deadly sins PC generation can to be back fitted into the Veterans of the Supernatural rpg PC generation. This  allows  the PC's to be a bit more well round and frankly evil. How is this all going to play out?! I'm not sure as our supernatural PC's are going to have their hands full of the Sisters and their horrors. 

Now I'm no stranger to running controversial rpg campaigns and this one could end in disaster or be a very long running one. The The Sisters of the Seven Sins (Wretched Version) By Miguel Ribeiro, Sílvia Clemente, & Joe Coombs has the potential to last years. And this is only the latest savlo in a campaign that could last years. 

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