Sunday, August 14, 2022

OSR Review & Commentary on 'Have Death Ray, Will Travel' By Chuck Thorin From Magic Pig Media For The White Star Rpg

 "The year is 1999 and a new millennium is on the horizon. Mankind has colonized outer space. Lunar City is a bustling metropolis. Earth has found new allies with the Martians and Venusians.  The Solar System is filled with mysteries, danger, and adventure!" 

"Have Death Ray, Will Travel is a retro-future setting inspired by  old pulpy serials, Sword & Planet adventures, the Wild West, and film noir.   Want exploration? Want political intrigue?  Like the Wild West with ray guns?  Want a little gritty film noir?  Bounty hunters? Space pirates? Gangsters? Alien emperors out to conquer the universe? It's all there."

Includes two new classes (Scientist and Gunfighter), ten new ships and over 30 monsters and foes, and an introductory adventure: Lost Mines of the Brain Masters.

'Have Death Ray, Will Travel' is by Chuck Thorin and it presents a retro futurish solar system for the White Star rpg . This is a very solid local solar system campaign and works very at what it does. And Have Death Ray, Will Travel works with the White Star rpg & the retro future campaign aspect pulls the White Star game into a solar system centric. You get enemies, monsters, pirates, and much more. 

Everything in 'Have Death Ray, Will Travel' is geared into getting your PC's into the adventure & campaign elements of the retro future solar system campaign setting. The brain masters are the nasties in 'Have Death Ray, Will Travel' and these alien nasties are perfect for over arching vile aliens with connections with the brain lashers of Mutant Future rpg from Goblinoid Games. ''Have Death Ray, Will Travel' is by Chuck Thorin takes the PC's across the solar system while presenting two new character classes. The new classes (Scientist and Gunfighter), within 'Have Death Ray, Will Travel' are perfect for both PC's & NPC's. These PC classes have been woven into the solar system & the adventure presented within  'Lost Mines of the Brain Masters.' 

 'Lost Mines of the Brain Masters' does present an excellent skeleton of a complete adventure that allows the DM to flesh out & customize said adventure to their own retro future rpg campaign. And this is one of the advantages to 'Have Death Ray, Will Travel' it's customization aspect that allows the DM to take full advantage without breaking the campaign setting.Want to throw in the Space Amazons?! No problem wish to add in psionics from Stars Without Numbers or Warriors of the Red Planet? Not an issue at all.  

The fact is that Chuck Thorin did an excellent job with 'Have Death Ray, Will Travel'. And is well worth the three dollar price point. 

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