Sunday, August 14, 2022

Spider Infestation - A Warriors of The Red Planet & Hyperborea rpg - Actual Play Event

 " Deep in the wastelands near the dead city of Aaanthor a party of stawart adventurers plods their way through the ruins in search of artifacts belonging to a tribe of intelligent White Apes. The Stellar Legion has sent our intrepid team of adventurers & agents deep into the wastes of Mars looking for artifacts stolen from the tribe of  Green Martian Torquas in order to spark an interstellar war. "

So session account is going to pick back up from here.  And our player's PC found themselves in the city of Ignarh listening to the story of an NPC treasure hunter Jarret Minus  who got on the wrong side of a Green Martian Torquas warrior. The PC's  are a gang  of   Stellar Legion Hyperborean, Venusian,  Martian outlaws, adventurers, & veterans who have been looking for the at big score on Mars. But in actuality are a group of agents dealing with the colonial pressures of this version of Mars. And we've gone back to using a combination of Colonial Troopers, Mutant Future, the Hyperborean rpg Player's Guide, & Warriors of the Red Planet as the basis for this campaign. The player's PC's rented a flyer straight out of Ignarh & headed towards Aaanthor & they made it without incident! Taking a look around the deserted city they found piles of dead green Martians! And they ran straight into a swarm of deadly alien giant spiders! There are not supposed to be any Spru'sth on Mars. The planet has been settled for ages now. Sure there's the occasional frontier point. 
The player's PC's dropped the down & out adventurer act then went full psycho soldier on the spiders. 

The party then began blasting with laser crossbows, machine guns, and several plasma  grenades. And the party radioed for a pick up from a friendly flyer jockey who happened to be in the area. 
And then they arranged a meet up with the  Torquas Jeddak through the party's rogue princess. And the green warriors were beyond angry  through a combination of good rolls, bribry, and some concessions the party made headway. The player's then sent in three scouts including Sargent Wolf whose incharge of the other scouts to investigate the situation. 

Wolf mutant from Bronze Age Miniatures available here. 

And when the scouts infiltrated the ruined city they found there were signs of a queen. And then the green warrriors swarmed in with guns blazing. The rest of the party hung back as the Torquas took back their city. The party did a clean up sweep and played back up as the stronger green warriors made headway to take out the hive's queen. 
The party's cleric & black circle necromancer made several grisly discoveries including implanted colonists, several bio borgs, and other means of expanding the hive's terrority across the face of Mars. 
Is this going to be a one shot?! Recent reading up on several OSR game supplements convinced us to retry this style of play. But it remains to be seen if a post apocalyptic Mars game is going become a regular campaign again. 

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