Monday, August 29, 2022

The Threat of The Magus - The Invisible College rpg By Rpg Pundit & The Wretched New Flesh - Postcards from Avalidad Quickstart By Miguel Ribeiro, Sílvia Clemente, & Manuel Sousa

 So there's been an ongoing debate among my players about just how much of a threat that one Hermetic mage could be to a near future of the world of  Avalidad. And of course without being familiar with the world of 'The Invisible College' these guys are going to be in for a very rough time. 
This blog post picks right up from this blog post here. 

One society of mages are the ones that could cause our party of Avalidad adventurers to pack it in and go running back to their mommies. And that would be the Nemite Hive who believe in shedding the flesh & humanity ultimately believing that giving up the individual will save the planet. These morons believe in giving into their queen who is a transformed former member of the society of Typhon. Nemi was once a normal human possibly back in the 70's or 80's who became something more or less then human. 
What would a Nemite magician be doing in Avalidad?! Why recruiting and kidnapping new members for the hive. And this is not going to sit very well with Zonsec at all. Our Nemite magican could be starting another hive or cult centered within Avalidad. He might be using drones to kidnap high ranking members of society & forcably turn them into Nemite members of a local hive. This is being done to propel the Nemite's brain trust deeper into occult circles. 

Not only is this Nemite magician a threat to the local occult & supernatural scene as well as being an invasive supernatural influence within  Avalidad. And the Invisible College can be used to add a very detailed ritual magick system to the Postcards from Avalidad rpg. Thus  allowing the Avalidad magicians to meet the Nemites on thier own ground. 

The Invisible College is also could be used to move a Giallo horror campaign forward in  Avalidad. The occult  conspiracies of the Invisible College could help explain horrorific nature of the Earth in Postcards from Avalidad. So bringing this forward a group of starting Postcards from Avalidad adventurers could well find itself overwhelmed with the supernatural influences bleeding out from beneath the occult cracks of reality. 

I've been elevator pitching a Post Cards Avalidad rpg campaign for some months & it's a matter of both back to school & work  schedules. But there is  the missionary work of  The Sisters of the Seven Sins (Wretched Version) in the upper circles of society in Avalidad. And will the magus of Avalidad notice all of the horrors around them?! 

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