Friday, August 26, 2022

Review & Commentary 'Victorious Manifest Destiny' By Mike Stewart For The Victorious Rpg From Troll Lord Games

"A supplement for the Victorious RPG. From sea to shining sea, the American republic stands paramount despite unhealed wounds of the Civil War, the battles with the remaining Indian tribes, and Segregation that still mars the nation. This book details the United States of the 1880s and 1890s, giving details both historical and fantastical for heroes and heroines who fight for justice in the Great Republic." 

Manifest Destiny By Mike Stewart is a world gazettier book that covers North America & Great Britian of the alternative Victorian era of the Victorious Rpg. They say that world & adventure books set out the guildelines for that campaign setting by laying down the history, background, and more within. And this is where Manifest Destiny excels. Manifest Destiny clocks in at forty six pages and it dives into the United States & Britian with alternative history gusto. 
We get all of the underlined details especially when it comes to the history and background of the United States as the setting of Victorious rpg's alternative Earth. An alternative Earth where heroes of 21 century have ported in & are adapting quite nicely to the Victorian era. 

This isn't to say that these supers are adapting without rough patches or culture clash. Quite the opposite in point of fact where the supers are both the bane & boon of the Victorian New York City. Mike Stewart knows both his supers & his Victorian New York details in both broad strokes & small details citing everything from living conditions, street gangs, crime, and other adventure elements that make a campaign work. Manifest Destiny pulls the reader in & lays everything out in spades for the DM. 

The historic Western United States is covered in equally broad strokes with special attention being paid to the various Native American Indanian tribes covered.  Their history, culture, etc. is covered in quite nicely laid out details. But the various Native American nations are given their current standing in the world of Victorious. And this has been done in a way that makes the Native American tribes a viable adventure option. 

Manifest Destiny serves as both guide book for Victorious while in the second half bringing home Gotham Invictus: New York City as viable campaign setting for a game. Again it does this with the Old West and there's the inclusion of Victorious rpg  NPC's for each of these adventure locations & regions. Again it's Mike Stewart's attention to details which seems to make Manifest Destiny as a supplement that reads like Stewart's home game campaign notes. And this is meant in a good way, as Manifest Destiny takes up the world of Victorious & deals in the PC's. Manifest Destiny is a supplement that's meant to be used, to draw the player's PC's into the world of an alternative Victorian era. A world where Supers are real & their existence has consquences for the world at large. Manifest Destiny is a solid book for the 

 'Victorious Manifest Destiny' By Mike Stewart For The Victorious Rpg From Troll Lord Games Is Available Right Over Here. 

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