Tuesday, August 30, 2022

A Piece of The Martian Action - Post Apocalpytic Solar System Campaign Commentary - Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu & The White Star rpg

 Today is one of those days where time is of the essence & I'm having to pull from my knowledge of Science Fiction & OSR gaming. So the players in our Mars game want to pull on owning their own piece of the action. So let's go back to April 23 of last year & this blog entry where we contrasted Kane of Old Mars by Michael Moorcock & Leigh  Brackett's heroes & anti heroes here. 

Back around that time period we were using Adventurer, Conqueror, Kings rpg Barbarian Conqeurors of Kanahu By our friends Omer Joel, &  Alexander Macris to carve up a piece of the solar system one planet at a time. Can BCK actually be applied to our version of Magic Pig Media's Have Death Ray Will Travel?! 

And if we want to carve up the Stellar Legion taking over various planets against the spiders from Colonial troopers well then BCK has this covered as well. Will this campaign work with the White Star Galaxy edition?! Again quite easily. 
Now we've got a whole lot of solar system scum among our ranks in this party and this brings up Star & Void. Star & Void hits the middle ground with the alignment lining up nicely with all of the old school & OSR resources. Star & Void knights are perfect antagonists against some of the Lovecraftian beasties. And what does this have to do with BCK & Law Vs Chaos?! Welll a bit of everything really. 

Not only does Adventurer, Conqueror, King feature the Law vs Chaos axiom but BCK implies that it's a cosmic principle that overlaps the Lovecraftian. The Lovecraftian aspects fit the implied Moorcock vs Moore & Leigh Brackett solar system. We are not the first tenants of this solar system nor will be the last and there's very little to stop the march of the cosmic line of aliens, gods, and monsters. Well little accept the sanity of the players 

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