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Post Apocalpytic Solar System Campaign Commentary - A Sister's Touch - Dragon magazine #119 & The Sisters of the Aquarian Order

 Classic Dragon magazine issue # 119 March 1987 has some really remarkable ideas within it for minor  Cryptic Alliances & these have implications for  our solar system White Star campaign.
 Besides having a killer cover by artist Daniel Horne; "Daniel Horne, our cover artist this month, was in the mood to do a historical

subject. His painting, entitled The Real Reason the Romans left Britain, depicts a

little-known episode in British history, in which two Roman foot soldiers have

bumped into Kostchtchie, the surly fellow from page 40 of the Monster Manual II.

Of the unsquashed legionnaire, Daniel writes, Boy, is he going to get it!"  Sorry got distracted by that awesome Dragon magazine cover. God I miss the real Dragon magazines. Right, so let's pick this up from this blog post here & talk about doing a solar system centric White Star game with the Starship Warden thrown in. Going over some of the huge swath of White Star titles that I own one in particular came to the fore. And perhaps it was talking with the author Timothy Brannan the other day ( hope your feeling better Timothy). The Sisters of the Aquarian Order (Aquarian Sister) dragged themselves kicking & screaming to my attention last night. Who are the Sisters of the Aquarian Order?! 

Well, according to this May 2015 blog entry by Timothy; "
The Sisters of the Aquarian Order (Aquarian Sister) have their geneses not only from my witch class (they can be considered to be the evolution of the Aquarian Tradtition) but also from such sources in Sci-Fi like the Bene Gesserit (Dune), the Sisterhood of Karn (Doctor Who) and the Night Sisters, the Witches of Dathomir (Star Wars)." What does this have to do with Dragon 119? Well, there's the Gamma World article, 'Politics Among The Rubble' by Lent and it happens to feature 'The Sisterhood of the Sword' aka 'The Sisterhood'. The Sisterhood breaks down as follows; " Tech Level II TYPES (females only): PSH (50%); H (45%); MA (15%) NUMBER: 1d10 

BASE: B (2d6+3); C (3d10+25); D (3d100 + 50)

SECRET SIGN: Ancient symbol for womanhood, with a dagger and crosspiece as the

tail, emblazoned on shields, banners,

armor, and clothing.

LOCATION: East coast of America.

DESCRIPTION: The Sisterhood of the

Sword believes that the Shadow Years and

the fall of mankind were brought about by

violent, male-dominated governments, and

only females are suited to lead the way

back to civilization by assuming all defensive and leadership positions. Despite

these views, the followers of the Sisterhood do not, with the exception of a few

splinter groups, force their views upon

others, preferring to gain converts from

example and other, gentler means of persuasion. Their bases are test sites for their

doctrine, with regular reports to the Sisterhoods main base. The Sisterhood is on

good terms with the Brotherhood of

Thought, the Healers, the Friends of Justice, and the Knights of Avalon. Their own

beliefs, however, often put them at crosspurposes with the Followers of the Voice,

Restorationists, the Created, the Iron

Society, the Ranks of Fit, and Zoopremists.

The Sisterhood is well equipped to Tech

II standards but is always eager to gain

functioning Ancient technology. The Sisters are most often armed with swords,

spears, and crossbows. They prefer chain

mail armor and usually have some sort of

riding mount. There is a 30% chance that

each will have some sort of minor artifact.

The warrior elite are usually known as

Amazons, Valkyries, Black Widows, or

similar terms." 

What if the 'Sisterhood' is the militant arm of the 
The Sisters of the Aquarian Order ?! An organization hiding in plain sight with their upper edges of the orgnization's military arm actually being run by Magic Pig Media's Outerspace Raiders Amazons?! 

So why would these three organizations actually be one in the same?! Well there's one cause for that and it's war! The tenets of  The Sisters of the Aquarian Order  are well established when mankind get's cut off by the intergalatic war with the Hyperboreans. But the order suddenly finds itself facing a foe with access to technologies, magicks, and weaponry greater then it's own. And they turn inward creating cults, hidden cells of the sisters and stoking the fires of warriors in backwater colonies and other places. The sisters earn the grudging respect of the star knight but there is great distrust between these two. The war is over 200 or so years later but the sisterhood endures in pockets on Mars, Venus, Earth's colonies, and even aboard the Warden. The sisters will endure. 

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