Wednesday, August 24, 2022

OSR Atomic Campaign Commentary - A Most Dangerous NPC Count Zaroff Amazing Adventures Build Part II

 Count Zaroff is a menacing methodical hunter who hunts only the greatest of prey mutant, mutant animal, or human. Zaroff is a master hunter starting with bow & arrow, then moving on to modern firearms, and finally unleashing his pack of mutant hunting dogs to chase down his prey. He is merciless, quick witted, and highly dangerous. And this blog post picks up straight from here. 

Count Zaroff 
Class/Level: Hunter 6/Archer 5 
Alignment: Lawful Evil 
Abilities: Str 13, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 16, Wis 10 Cha 13, 
Prims: Str, Dex, Int
BTH: +5 
Costume: Black outfit, gloves, tunic,boot, hunter's sash all in varying shades of black depending upon area of hunt 
Hit Dice 5d8 
Hit Point: 35 
Class Abilites: Master Archer, Eagle Eye, Unstable Shoot, Master Bowyer,Blinding Speed, Rapid Shot, Dead Eye Shot, 
Fate Points: 8d8
Backgrounds:* High Society, Military, 
Languages/Knowledges: Russian, French, Latin, Classic Literature, Russian & International  Military Forces & Weapons 
Traits: Arrogant, Suspicious, Aggressive  
Gear: Compound Recurve Bow embedded with South American charms, Score of normal hunting arrows, Score of explosive arrows for during military operations (-2 to hit, but explode to deal +2d6 impact damage to a 5' radius; Dex save for half), Hunting Rifle
Count Zaroff hunts only the most dangerous prey regardless of mutant,human,or mutant animal. Zaroff is one of the most obessive hunters on planet Earth. Count Zaroff has a castle abode & retreat on 'Shipwreck island' where he often has his mutant tribal minions set up ships for wreck. The crews & passengers of these wrecks then become his prey for his hunts. Because Zaroff is retired Russian military he has extensive access to arms & armorments. Zaroff  he has an undergound vault & trophy room below his island. Zaroff's island is covered in rough & dangerous mutant animal infested jungle. Because he is independently wealthy & belongs to one of the most influencial families in Russia he not for want of money. Count Zaroff  has vast resources with  a landing strip,motor pool, and facilities for his island. 

Count Zaroff often farms out his services to many communities across the world where mutants & mutant  animals have become a problem. He will hunt these menaces for free with the understanding that his methods nor the hunt can be hindered or questioned. 

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