Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Review & Commentary On 'The Lamentable Companion' By Andrew Marrington For The Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg From Grimm Aramil Publishing

 Returning to the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg  hasn't been on our list of things to do . However Andrew Marrington's The Lamentable Companion came across my desk this morning at about six A.M. That being said DM Pete sent me a copy of The Lamentable Companion. And so I printed out a copy & thumbed through it last night. 

Grimm Aramil publishing has put out OSR material that my group of players have run before and had several TPK's with. And this includes a run in a couple of years ago with the  Chaos Cults: Bubonica. Which pretty much trashed the entire crew. But Andrew Marrington's 'The Lamentable Companion' offers something complete different. A number of options for PC agency within Lamentations & other B/X games. And there's a great table of contents with break downs of sections. Can't tell you how welcome this is at the table top in the middle of DMing. 
And because 'The Lamentable Companion' is only twenty five pages there isn't really a lot of long doddering explainations about new rules. Instead   'The Lamentable Companion' get's right into the meat and heart of the matter with expansions of the 'professsions' found within the Lamentations rule book. And then we get rules on age actually affecting PC's and it's got some good additions to. And hiring hirelings in Lamentations & this is one of the most neglected sections of B/X OSR style systems. 
Ship to ship combat variant rules  is always welcome at the table top level. And the rules are solidly done. They hit the high points of the combat easily. 
And then we get another table of mutations for Lamentations and B/X style games this is welcome for DM's used to dealing out the weird at the table top level. 
And finally we have the Selling Your Soul & this hits the high marks that DM Pete's necromancer has taken & it's a pretty nasty deal. One where your PC respawns in another body of one of the faithful and offers some measure of protection.There's the usual sell your soul for a magic item bit as well. 
And then we have down time between adventures and this one is interesting as well such as property ownership, caurousing and it's missteps, and that's it. There's a ton of  B/X Dungeons & Dragons or OSR clones where these rules could come in very handy. 

Is the 'The Lamentable Companion' By Andrew Marrington  worth the download?! In a word? In a word, yes because it expands the length & breath of B/X games that other authors havent' thought of. There's are real needs for many of these rules as someone whose played & DM'ed lots of Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventures over the years. 

 'The Lamentable Companion' By Andrew Marrington For The Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg Is Available Right Over Here 

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