Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Slumming on Mars - A White Star rpg , Warriors of The Red Planet & Hyperborea rpg Actual Play Event

 So on a Monday night there was a bit of a dust up as our normal group of players here in New Hartford. People love drama but this really wasn't drama per say. Nick one of our regular players brought a copy of an old White Star PC to our game. So out came a Randi Orr a 4th level rogue from Scum and Villainy by Omer Golan-Joel.  And this game picks up right from this blog entry here. 

And so Randy Orr got drafted into the Stellar Legion & we moved on deeper into the Martian city of Ignarh. The players wanted to know why there were a lot more alien races scattered across the city and what was the deal with varying tech levels within the old Martian city? So a bit of fast thinking on my part related that two hundred years ago mankind had FTL and had made great strides across the galaxy. And then the Hyperborean wars came devestated the galaxy but something happened to the Hyperboreans. The Hyperborean empire collapsed & only today has the galaxy began to recover. And most of this comes from the Hyperborea rpg & the recent review of the campaign setting  'Have Deathray Will Travel'.  The PC's are actually agents of the Stellar Legion. And they've been following up on the recent activity of the alien 'spiders' on Mars from Colonial Troopers

Sketching out our own version of Mars then things become a bit more murky as practicers of the 'Way' begin to appear in several Martian ruined temples, shrines, etc. with the Martian psionics taking full presidence over 'The Way'. So yes there are Red & Green Martian 'Way' practicers but thier rare. And then this gets into the Hyperborean ghettos where half Hyperboreans and their human followers are. A party's patron is actually here guarded by his bevy of Space Amazon nurses and bodyguards. Char rad Ro is a Hyperborean veteran kept alive by ancient technological secrets straight outta of Cheating Death. 

The player's PC's at the moment are asking around the main starport for the crew of the Goya's expediation. And things have been interesting because of the fact that the Goya was using a highly experimental FTL hyperspace drive. This drive would burn itself out after a few jumps and the Warden has aboard it the secrets of sustainable FTL. 
This is all being woven together on during play and the players are really into it. Into one bar they go where there's a crowd of Zeta assassins disguised as drovers looking for business while a group of green Martian warriors is gambling. Their black circle necromancer goes to talk with the Zeta assassins to hire one as a hireling. The PC's see their Aihais guides in the corner & they give a bit of a shudder because of the other Aihais are members of the Dweller cult. The Green Martians don't even give them a second glance. To them the Aihais are beneath contempt but there have been genocidal conflicts been the two Martian races. Zill the party's guide makes little small talk but gambles with Vody our party's soldier & leader. A price is arranged for the guide to take our party to the Green  psionic lamastry near the dead sea city of Korr. 
The party figures the monks may have insight into the location & fate of the Warden. But they also want to go back to their Hyperborean patron for more insight. 

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