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Review & Commentary On A Night For Jackals by Mike Stewart For The Victorious Rpg From Troll Lord Games

 "A new drug is finding its way into pubs and Apothecary shops throughout the East End of London.

"This drug, called “M” causes rioting, murder, and worse things. Can your heroes find the source of

this maleficent chemical before the city is overrun with carnage?"

"A Gilded Adventure for levels 2-4

Gaslight street lamps pour fitful illumination through the fog-shrouded streets of Victorian cities. Menacing figures lurk in darkened alleyways. Desperate men with nothing to lose and the determination to take what they can from others plot.

This is an RPG where masked vigilantes pit their fantastic powers against all the evil that settled in the darkened streets of a Victorian past that both was and was not!" 

So riding hard on the heels of Victorious rpg's 'Hide & Seek' comes Night For  Jackals  by Mike Stewart For The Victorious Rpg.  And I'm going to assume the author is a fan of the classic Sixties Wild,Wild, West television show hence the name of this adventure. There's a lot going on here in twenty four pages and some of it solid rpg setting contiuum work by Mike Stewart. 
We've got adventure plots within adventure plots within '
A Night for Jackals.' The writing is crisp and the implied world of the Superhumankind.And 'A Night For   Jackals' centers itself on London; "This adventure is centered predominantly within the city of London, with emphasis on the poorer regions of the city such as Bethnel Green, Whitechapel, Limehouse, and other parts of the East End as well as certain points of interest in and around the British capitol that might factor into the players investigations" 

Within twenty four pages Stewart lays down the adventure plot, the NPC villain, and brings the PC's down the rabbit hole of 'A Night For  Jackals '. Professor Morierty is center stage and he's really ramped up as an NPC villain. He's not someone that the player's PC are going to want to cross. 

'A Night For  Jackals' does an excellent job on two levels, one it establishes the world of Victorious as an alternative Earth where superheroes from the 21 century have shown up. And two it brings the PC's right into the middle of the events with a stake in the action. Make no mistake the PC's are in big trouble and level heads with solid investigative skills are going to reign big time in 'A Night For Jackals'. 
Within the twenty four pages of 'A Night For  Jackals'  we get everything we want in a 1-4 level adventure. And the learning curve here for players of other super hero style games is going to be interesting 'A Night For  Jackals'  takes full advantage of the Victorious rpg's system in spades.
Could ' A Night For  Jackels' be used with other OSR supers games!?! This is a tricky one in someways let me explain. The world of Victorious is closely associated with the rpg setting and the two in many ways are indivisible. With that being said ' A Night For Jackals' could be run with the 
Wretched Époque rpg. But a word of caution, the OSR systems here are exclusive to each game. So there maybe balance issues that could crop up in running 'A Night For  Jackals' with the Wretched Epoque rpg. It might work but there might be interesting issues. Something to explore in a future blog post to be sure. 

 Back to 'A Night For Jackals' , as I said this adventure expands on the timeline of the Victorious rpg. And I do feel that this is a key adventure for the foundations of a campaign of supermankind's Victorious rpg. I wish there could have been a bit more after adventure hooks in 'A Night For  Jackals'. 

'A Night For Jackals' by Mike Stewart For The  Victorious Rpg From Troll Lord Games Is  Available Right Here. 

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