Wednesday, August 31, 2022

OSR Review & Commentary On The Victorious Phantasmagoria By Mike Stewart For The Victorious Rpg From Troll Lord Games

 "A gallery of SuperMankind for the Victorious RPG" 

"The Great and the Good!

Persons of Dubious Intent!


With notes on the composition and inhabitants of Darkmore Prison!."

Victorious Phantasmagoria By Mike Stewart is one of those titles that hits the high notes for NPC's for vile villains & supermankind's heroes. Victorious Phantasmagoria clocks in at thirty six pages long and features a wide variety of personalities for the superhero Steampunk setting.This supplement details a number of NPC, both good (9 total) and vile (12 total). Victorious Phantasmagoria features these NPC in a strange way with the 9 heroes being both Victorian & displaced 'modern' superhereos adapting to the strange world of Victorious. 
We get secret organization Spectre which fights the evil of the vile villains in the world Victorious both time displaced & the Victorian threats.There are shades of the secretive organizations of the Penny Dreadfuls. And we finally get details on Darkmore prison the kind of an awful place where the scum of the Earth are locked away. 

Victorious Phantasmagoria's NPC are not as engaging to me as the ones in the main book & there are reasons for this. Victorious Phantasmagoria is a solid supplement but some of the exacution is off in the NPC chronlogies, history, and background. With being said Victorious Phantasmagoria is the third book end in the Victorious rpg bundle because it completes the world of Victorious in a way allowing the DM to use these NPC's as both PC or NPC's for the players. This is prime because it allows the players to dive into the Seige Engine rpg campaign unhindered. 

However  Victorious Phantasmagoria needs a bit of a polish up from the author and Troll Lords with that I think that the classic Steampunk supers rpg book will work much better for the classic rpg.  

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