Sunday, August 28, 2022

OSR Commentary On The Hostile Rpg & The Shoulder of Orion Military campaign- Session Report - Hornet's Nest

 This is going to pick right up from our last blog entry here and the 'night timer squadron' were escorting our  runners in Gypsy ships tailing our explorers &  our own version of CCA scout crews. And then something fast & deadly came up out of the atmosphere of a nearby gas giant after we exited the Tanhauser Gate hyperspace way. Our party now as we learned from our mistakes the last time & let the Frontier Crawlers act as bait. 

Basically the Gypsy ships are drive systems built around weapon systems able to move & manuveur fast but are not as armored as they should b
e. These 'things' were part biomechanical & part drives looking like a combination of wasp & H.G. Giger's nightmare. Last game we  after exitting the hyperspace gate via Tanhauser Gate we got  getting a running battle with a cruiser near this nameless rock. After taking on surivors & getting a chance to reskill our crew dived back into the gate system. 

This game we ran into alien fighters that moved like nothing we've seen but still blew up real pretty once we applied 'c beams' to em. But we did lose one of our battle modules the mobile refueling & launch points four Gypsy ships. All of these battle stations came directly out of &  can easily be designed from Independence Games Port of Entry Starports in the Clement sector book. 

Now after doing a some burns & rolls our ships are behind a planet's dark side in low orbit to regroup after a grueling session. So right now it's a matter of run & hide till the rest of the fleet catches up with us. But will we survive?! We're low on fuel and hiding like rats. 

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