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OSR Commentary On Mindok The Mind Menace Thundarr The Barbarian Season 1 Episode # 3 18 October 1980 For The Mutant Future Rpg & Other OSR Post Apocalytic Campaigns

 Mindok is perhaps on the most dangerous foes that Thundarr the Barbarian & co faced. Mindok is articulate, intelligent, magically capable, psionically aware, and utterly insane.  'Mindok The Mind Menace' is from Thundarr The Barbarian  Season 1 Episode # 3  18 October 1980 & the plot goes something like this;'The evil wizard Mindok lost his body in the Great Cataclysm 2000 years ago though his brain remained immortal. He, General Zoa, and their minions seek out cryogenicly frozen scientists named "Ice People" in a plot to build Mindok a new robotic body to house his brain in.' The following is based on the Thundarr The Barbarian wiki entry on Mindok the wizard found here. 

Mindok is perhaps one of the greatest rivals of Gemini the Wizard within Thundarr's world. Mindok controls from his Carribbean  island fortress up through the Florida Panhandle Into Maryland's Northshore. And Mindok has the mutant troops to back up his claims as well as millions of
human slaves. The General Zoa series of cloned mutant warriors are a 7th level fighter commanding perhaps as many as garrison of other mutant troops in Mindok's army. 
Zoa is much taller than most Humans. If Thundarr is 6 feet tall, then Zoa would be around 8. Other than height, distinctive features inc
lude a hooked nose, clawed hands with only 2 fingers and a thumb and the same tan/grey skin color as the soldiers. Mindok's mutant warriors are capable of independant thought but don't seem to have much ambition beyond serving Mindok. Perhaps they might have dark vision and perhaps a minor healing ability. 

Mindok's mutant warriors use a shoulder mounted minor plasma gun to deal with their enemies and for suppression of crowds of human slaves during frequent uprisings. Mindok's mutant forces ran his day to day operations in his labs,factories, and even his food growing & processing industrial farms. 

Shoulder Mounted Plasma Gun 

Damage: Special 

Trigger type: Normal 

Maxium Range:100 feet 

Weight: 15 pounds

- Powerclip (10 shots), Beltpack (25 shots), Backpack (50 shots)

The shoulder mounted plasma gun was originally developed by the Ancients as an agricultural aid to clear large swaths of land of folliage & undergrowth. The plasma gun has since been adapted by Mindok's troops as a means of crowd suppression and as a symbol of fear. The weapon does 1d6+5 damage to anything it hit instantly setting alight any flammable objects within a 4 foot area. Unattended objects also take this damage. The explosion creates almost no pressure.

Mindok's Carribean base was unattended & perhaps abandoned after his exiling into space by Thundarr & co. Mindok himself was/is perhaps a 10th or even 11th level wizard. All of Mindok's holdings were most likely seized by another rival wizard of Mindok perhpas Gemini looking to heal after his own thrashing by Thundarr. This may have lead to Mindok's own mutant clones causing a palace uprising against Gemini. And leading to the wizard fleeing to his own holdings including the Hawkoid tribes  within the Mexican Californian panhandle. 

So who takes over the vast holdings of Mindok after the events of 
'Mindok The Mind Menace' ?! What if infact it's Mindok who takes over his own holdings again? How?! What if Mindok put a post mind control command in the minds of the Ice People (the Post Cataclysm scientists) to built him another robotic body. Since Mindok is a master of both magic & psionics then it's reasonable to assume that he'd easily have master the art of copying his mind into an A.I. form! Then its a simple matter of downloading his mind back down to Earth into another robotic body. From here Mindok assumes control of his holdings again & then seizes Manhat and Gemini's own slaves, lands, etc. 

So how do these events change things besides being incredibly depressing?! There are a few things that the return of Mindok means besides a lot of pain. Thundarr & co. have moved on and it's going to be up to the characters to fill their shoes. Mindok is going be incredibly formitable with his defeat at the hands of Thundarr going forward. 
There are several ways for getting the PC's involved in a Mindokcentric campaign: 
  1. The party teleports in on Mindok's lab as he messes around with planar travel. 
  2. Mindok purposes kidnaps the party for one of their wizard's knowlege. 
  3. The party runs into Mindok's mutants who are searching for a magical artifact or item. 
  4. Mindok is looking into causing havoc with the 'past' for some minor treasure or item. The party crosses into Mindok's purview 
  5. Mindok destroys some part of a dungeon the party is in for some book or other esoterica. 

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