Friday, August 26, 2022

OSR Commentary On The Hostile Rpg & The Shoulder of Orion Military campaign- Session Report 'The Tiger or The Lady

 Last night's Shoulder of Orion game picked right up from this blog post here  & got kicked into high gear with the player's PC's facing down semi black & blue horror from beyond the depths of space. 
Our ships ended up near some nameless little rock after exitting the hyperspace gate via Tanhauser Gate & getting into a running battle with a cruiser near this nameless rock. 

Things went from bad to worse when we decended planetside to land after doing a series of controlled burns. And there was evidence of a what was left from a colony. We made contact with the colony's surviving forces & the local milita. All of which was taken directly out of Independence Games Hub Forces book. 

What came at us came at us out of the darkness and hit us hard. These things tore into our guys in a hurry and it was brutal. There was little time to call in for back up as our Gypsy ships moved in for strafing runs across the planet's atmosphere. We've located the survivors before the 'wasps' that's what we're calling em managed to take anymore. The party managed to add in about fifty survivors to our current ship's roaster. And we managed to add in at least three more minor ships for our portable battle stations. We went over the ships for the 'alien wasps' that we faced down. 
All of these battle stations came directly out of &  can easily be designed from Independence Games Port of Entry Starports in the Clement sector book. 

We hit em hard & fast then left before any other corporation merc forces came into the area. And we scorched the land behind us as well. The campaign is feeling more like a 2d6 version of Science Fiction Vietnam & this has been another thing that John Brunner talked about in his Science Fiction. The never ending wars attrition that the corporations got into. 
We're regrouping around some nameless star system & checking for signs of an alien infection or issues. We've got our own version of CCA scout crews and explorers going ahead of our party now as we learned from our mistakes the last time. 

We've already got runners in Gypsy ships going with our explorers after some weird engagments we had last game. Will we survive?! Tune in next week! 

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