Friday, August 26, 2022

Blood of Count Orlok - The Night Shift Veterans of the Supernatural Rpg With The Orpheum Lofts By Miguel Ribeiro, Sílvia Clemente, & Joe Coombs For The Wretchexploitation & The Wretched Époque rpg Session Report Two

Wait, young man. You can't escape destiny by running away ..'

This blog entry will pick right up from here. One of our players very much undecided about what he wanted to play in our current  Nightshift Veterans of the Supernatural Wars campaign. Paul's PC Jacob Hutter  awoke from a nightmare covered in rats with two small puncture marks on his neck. Jacob Hutter has no memory of how he got in the abandoned apartment in Brooklyn at 9:00 PM at night. What he does know is that his throat is so incredibly thirsty. 
He knows that his friends are looking for him after he was kidnapped by the strange carriage in the middle of Central Park by the driver with the fiery eyes back in '73. Jacob Hutter looks at himself in a nearby puddle no charming, suave seducer is he. With his bald head, bushy eyebrows, rat-like teeth, pointed ears, nails as long as the fingers they are attached to, emaciated build, and stare that seems to come from the bottom of Hell itself. What happened to the 20 year old college student?! 
Jacob remembers signing a contract with a creature straight from nightmare itself but the rest of the following months have been a blurr. He remembers so many terrible deeds and violent fights with so many monsters. Before being found by his current crew. 
But it was when Jacob tackled that supposed business woman from Harlem that was trying to drain Chrissie that thing had gone sideways. Her head detached itself from her body and fed off of Jacob instead. And Jacob had fled into the night and he was now dreaming of his former master Count Orlok. Orlock who offered to help Jacob fight the supernatural by becoming one of them. Orlok who was trying to establish a foot hold in New York city by unleashing an undead  plague & a horde of rats upon the city to cover his activities. Orlok who sent Jacob to take on his rival. 

Jacob has deep connections to a woman with whom he dated in his mortal life a student at The Orpheum Lofts. He has no idea that she sold him out to her coven nor that Jacob was a bargaining chip between Orlok & the Orpheum Lofts sinister powers. 

Jacob Hutter has gone from being a helpless college student to an instrument of vengence against a clan particularly nasty clan of Penanggalan. When Jacob's crew found him in '74 he was more animal then man or monster. It took lots of time get him back to something resmembling even a normal vampire. 

So what the Hell's going on here?! Going back to our Victorious rpg game 5 years we needed a rival for the NPC Dracula within our campaign and who better then Count Orlok?! Orlok is a force of nature within the silent film Nosferatu. In Seventies New York City Orlok is  a disease vector. And so he fits right in with the Wretchploitation rpg ideals. Orlok is a major NPC player & faction leader within our Nightshift campaign. And the players hate him with a passion. Everytime some minor threat pops up that involves a vampire their quick to blame him. 

The fact is that Jacob is Paul's PC and Orlok manupulates him from the sidelines from time to time giving him assignments and tasks which Jacob has little to no memory of. He does this through his hordes of rats that run rampant throughout New York City. 

Is Jacob Hutter a weapon, a supernatural errand boy, toy, a hero, or something much,much, worse?! Time will tell 

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