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Review & Commentary On Walking the Way: A Mysticism Sourcebook [Swords & Wizardry] By James M. Spahn For The White Star Galaxy Edition Rpg

 "Walking the Way: A Mysticism Sourcebook for White Star brings a plethora of new options to your OSR sci-fi campaign! As heroic Star Knights and exotic Alien Mystics fight against the agents of the Void and the evil Galactic Consortium, they find new options to add to their arsenal in the latest supplement for White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying and White Star: Galaxy Edition" 

Walking the Way: A Mysticism Sourcebook [Swords & Wizardry] By James M. Spahn is basically the entire sourcebook for the star knight PC class. Because of the fact that I've got the PC's encountering a particuarly nasty piece of work of ancient hertiage in the deserts of an abandoned city. We've got another player joining us soon.  So asside from our guest star player  Walking the Way: A Mysticism Sourcebook  goes deep into the Star Knight as a viable PC class. Ages ago this book came my way into my hard drive. And it's sat there but according the the intro; "Science fiction. It is, right down to its name, rooted in science. Cold, hard science. Yet so much of the great sci-fi I fell in love with as a child and continue to love to this day has a strong element of fantasy. Whether it’s mystical monks who know the mind-killing power of fear, farm boys that discovery they have a strange destiny as part of the essence that binds the galaxy together, or cigar-smoking hot-shot pilots who return from the dead as angelic vessels of the divine - magic, for lack of a better term, permeates pulp science fiction. Walking the Way is a source book for White Star that provides players and Referees with new options to help expand and further define those aspects of their own campaign world. All of the rules in this book are optional and should only be used with Referee approval. It is the author’s hope that the options in this book will help expand your game-play and use the metaphor of science fantasy to further explore what it means to be a finite being in an infinite universe, and have a helluva lot of fun along the way." 
So what we get is the following in sixty four pages: 

  • Four brand new classes! Elusive Althar meld both Meditations and Gifts, while Augumented Waybreakers meld cybernetic enhancement with the powerful Meditations.
  • New Gifts and Meditations to expand the power of your Mystic character classes!
  • Half a dozen paths for Alien Mystics to customize their journey towards enlightenment!
  • Complete rules for building and customizing the iconic weapon of the Star Knights: The Star Sword.
  • New gear, weapons, and armor!
  • New Advanced Technology, like the esoteric Spirit Stones!
  • New Monsters, from the adorable Gorp to the dangerous Void Serpent!
  • A completely new form of Mysticism: Technomancy!
We get introduced to the alien ALTHAR which are sort of a PC Elven race class. They are a solid servicable alternative. Next we get the Augmented Waybreaker PC class and these folks are cybernetically bent; "Augmented Waybreakers are practitioners of Mysticism who have turned their back on that path. Whether broken by the burden of their powers, driven to the edge of madness by strange insights, or for any other number of reasons Augmented Waybreakers have refused to embrace their inherent powers." 
We then jump to the Starfists a PC monk/starknight class which blends the best of Swords & Wizardry monks with the starknight class. Finally we jump into the technomancer and these folks are a combination of star knight & cybernetic mage. They have no illusions about 'the Way' per say and are completely practical. Their occult powers are both way driven & technological with an uneasy balance between the two. 
We dive into a chapter talking about appentices & mentors with the values between the two. This is also the chapter which dives into the star sword creation. And this is where we get into the star knight gems those bastions of knowledge. Star sword dueling rules with individual styles and dueling rules. And some really interesting star sword artifacts. Void knight rules and alien star knights all enclosed within new rules for other mediations. All of these mold into other quisi mystic technological artifacts, devices, and even starship modification. And finally we get some new alien monsters sensitive to 'the way'. And finally a technomancer mediation appendix. And this all falls under sixty four pages. But is it good?! The whole supplement feels not only necessary but well done. There is an index which helps (alot). And on the whole this is a solid book to add into the que of   The White Star Galaxy Edition Rpg

Walking the Way: A Mysticism Sourcebook [Swords & Wizardry] By James M. Spahn For The White Star Galaxy Edition Rpg  

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