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Using OSR Pluto For Your Old School Campaigns Updated


So of course Pluto has been in the news every single night this week with some incredible and awesome images from the New Horizen's probe. According to NASA,
 "After a decade-long journey through our solar system, our New Horizons spacecraft made its closest approach to Pluto today, about 7,750 miles above the surface -- roughly the same distance from New York to Mumbai, India - making it the first-ever space mission to explore a world so far from Earth. For details and the high-res image, visit:"
Now everyone is jumping on the band wagon of using Pluto as a possible adventure location, now this Outer World has been appearing in Sci Fi going back to the Nineteen hundreds. And there already has been a ton of material written by HP Lovecraft regarding Yuggoth.
Yuggoth... is a strange dark orb at the very rim of our solar system... There are mighty cities on Yuggoth—great tiers of terraced towers built of black stone... The sun shines there no brighter than a star, but the beings need no light. They have other subtler senses, and put no windows in their great houses and temples... The black rivers of pitch that flow under those mysterious cyclopean bridges—things built by some elder race extinct and forgotten before the beings came to Yuggoth from the ultimate voids—ought to be enough to make any man a Dante or Poe if he can keep sane long enough to tell what he has seen...
—H. P. Lovecraft, "The Whisperer in Darkness"
According to Wiki: Yuggoth is the planet where the extraterrestrial Mi-go have established a colony. The Mi-go's city sits at the edge of a pit wherein dwells an ancient and horrifying entity feared by the Mi-Go. They periodically abandon the city on those occasions when it rises from the pit and can be seen directly.
The being Cxaxukluth, along with Tsathoggua and his parents, migrated to Yuggoth from Xoth. A dysfunctional family in their own right, Cxaxukluth's progeny abandoned their patriarch and sought refuge deep in the bowels of Yuggoth, owing to Cxaxukluth's cannibalistic tendencies. Soon thereafter they fled Yuggoth, though Cxaxukluth still dwells there to this day. This also includes a very special metal,
On Yuggoth, the Mi-go mine a strange metal known as tok'l. Tok'l-metal is used in the manufacture of the Mi-go's notorious "brain cylinders", but it also has other ritual uses as well.Nithon is a cloud-laden moon of Yuggoth. It is covered by fungi and has luminescent clouds that block all sunlight
Thog and Thok are twin moons of Yuggoth. Very little is known about these moons, though Thog is said to be a pitch-black world. On the surface of Thog is the fabled Ghooric Zone—a green-litten subterranean cavern containing a putrid lake where "puffed shoggoths splash"
There already is a great OSR module that includes a  perfect adventure set up to have your PC's end up on the wrong side of a brain cylinder. This is a pay as you go module as well called YS1 The Outpost of the Outer Ones From Jeremy Reaban. Its available right over HERE 
An old school module with a very straight forward and yet complicated plot. There already is a review for it right over HERE
Now when it comes to using a ready made pop up Pluto for your old school space games or space opera, you might need a map and Captain Future by Robert Hamilton has you covered with a great old school retrofuture Pluto! Add in adventure locations and perhaps a Lovecraftian monster or two and your ready to go!

If humanity moved onto Pluto looking into the remains of the Mi Go cities then they might be in for disappointment because of the fact that Yuggoth itself isn't on Pluto but might have been in deep orbit near pluto. According the H.P. Lovecraft wiki's entry on Yuggoth;"
Yuggoth has its own mini-solar system including Zaman, Nithon, the binary planet Thog and Thok, and the Ghooric Zone. It orbits at ninety degrees from the plane of the elliptical. It is the natal home of an "Elder Race" of Yuggothians who died out (perhaps due to the cannibalistic habits of Cxaxukluth?) before the planet became an “outpost” of the Mi-Go territory. Relics of the Elder Race exist including, according to The Revelations of Gla'aki, a city of green pyramids, and a pit that might be “the Pit of Shoggoths”. A dark inhospitable world; its surface is ravaged by high winds, while its "seas" and "rivers" consist of a warm, oily substance that flows sluggishly under basalt bridges. Cities, towers, and mines exist on both land and sea." So this begs the question where did the Mi Go?! As the favored ones of the Old Ones & the Outer Gods they might have had advanced warning to leave the solar system decades ago. 
Mankind is going to be scrubbing all of Pluto, it's moonlets, and other objects for any signs of the Mi Go. There's far more dangers in the darkness of those worlds then they might be expecting. The cult of Hastur at the top eschelons of certain corporate positions has bounties on any Mi Go that humanity runs across but this only known in certain occult  circles. 

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