Friday, September 16, 2022

Post Apocalpytic Solar System Campaign Commentary -Lovecraft showdown - A Warriors of The Red Planet & Hyperborea rpg - Actual Play Event Part II

 Alright so it's been beyond busy & we almost got slaughtered dealing with the Mi Go their charges and the held Green Martian village. We set the village fission reactor to blow and then moved our forces into position around what passes for a mini hive among the village center. Planting several plasma grenades around the parameter of the hive we moved into the necromancer's villa. 

Because of the fact that the Martian houses were on stilts were were being very cautious to take out guards with as much stealth as possible. We've lost men & resources before when dealing with the MiGo and their followers. 

Most of these we've had run in's from various DM's were  using the Cthuloid Bestiary a free OSR Lovecraftian monster manual here. 

We knew that all Hell would soon be breaking out and we camped out at the top of the dead sea bottom bowl's ridge before setting off the charges. We positioned our scouts & snipers over the bowl to take out any stray MiGo after the mini hive went up! 

And we set off the charges while our own necromancer readied chain lightning for the hand rails surrounding the village. And then all Hell broke loose as the charges went off. We're using  Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu so we know exactly what's coming. And our second necromancer had a fireball waiting for the black wizard ie MiGo minion. Fortunately the dice were with us this game. 
But we started to run outta of time when we saw black MiGo warrior caste come over the rise! These things are nasty & we are not happy because they were baring brain cylinders when the world went weird for our group! psionics! 
Continued next week! 

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