Tuesday, September 27, 2022

2d6 OSR Campaign Commentary - Opus Magi Zaibatsu campaign?!


Over the weekend we're going to be taking the Opus Magi rpg for a test drive with some experienced 'cough,cough, White Wolf players'. So now it's gonna be a bit of a learning curve for these players to pick up the 2d6 habit. With that being said, 'I've got lots of experience with the Cepheus Engine'. Or so my big mouth has said. So now I'm committed. Or I should be. 

So how fast can we adapt & overcome the limitiations of the 'time factor' here?! We've got three options here and that's one throw the players into the 2d6 mix & see what happens. Or we easy into Opus Magi. Naw, that's not gonna happen. 
So instead we're gonna using an existing 2d6 game in this case we're going to be introducing existing NPC's from Zozer Games Zaibatsu & the supernatural or occult elements come in from the PC's.. 

Psion & magi are simply another hidden layer under the surface of a biopunk or cyberpunk  like mixed reality. And this is where the campaign get's very tricky. Because of the fact that many of the players have been asking me about where the cracks are in the campaign. And one thing about 2d6 games is the crossover potential. 
Now we're not sure if this one shot is going to be on going or a mini campaign to get used to the systems at play here. There's also Michael Brown's New World: 2D6 Adventure in a Cyberpunk America as another option for well the good o'le U.S. of A. 


So we're thinking party saves young inexperienced mage or psion from mega corporation which is exploiting magus for their benefit. And other cyberpunk or psion PC's as NPC style hirelings. We really want to get a feel for where these games are going.  We think that the cabal or party might actually be a wing of the occult Blackguard are default occult supernatural mercenaries. 
And I'm thinking of sneakly added in Michael Brown's 

Diabolox to the supernatural mix. 

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