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OSR Review & Commentary On 'Victorious Hunter & Hunter Catalogue' By Mike Stewart For the Victorious Rpg From Troll Lord Games

 "A Catalogue of Extraordinary Items for the Victorious RPG: Armor, Weapons & Ordinance.""A Collection of Items from Adhesive Shoes to magnetic Eyes. Motive Transport that includes the Clockwork Carriage and the Hydraulic Horse."

"All this and More. The Hunter & Hunter Catalogue is a Collection of all Manner of Curiosities for All Your Extraordinary Needs!"

The Hunter & Hunter catalog clocks in at forty one pages of Steampunk Supermankind  Contraptionist's  goodness with a peek behind the curtain of Hunter & Hunter' "This catalogue is promoted by the British company Hunter & Hunter, Ltd.; a business founded by Doctor R. J. Hunter along with his wife the Lady Doctor Helene Sherwood-Hunter. Thus some of the items attributed to the latter might cause certain male chauvinist pigs (unfortunately all too common in the Victorian age) to question their veracity or assume someone else invented it and the Madame Doctor is simply taking credit. Still, regardless of doubts no one would question the right of Hunter & Hunter to sell such equipage. Needless to say, the author and Troll Lord Games make no claims to the authenticity of these products. Furthermore, you can’t order any of these from the noted parties; not even on the website. Amazon might have them though, you never know! Unlike most other Victorious products, these have no “alignment” for the chronicle given, as these items run the gamut from a Grim chronicle to Grand and all such astounding items such a label implies. Use with caution and with your own game ever in mind. "

The Victorious Hunter & Hunter Catalogue By Mike Stewart  is possibly one of the most essential books  for the Victorious rpg that's been published & yet. The Victorious Hunter & Hunter Catalogue is an essential book for the Contraptionists PC class. Because  The Victorious Hunter & Hunter Catalogue answers the age old question, 'Where do they get those wonderful toys?!' because it adds a new wrinkle. 'Who maintains those wonderful toys'  & the answer is the party's  Contraptionists PC. And the Victorious Hunter & Hunter Catalogue is the means by which scientists, contraptionists, and others sell their latest discoveries, gadgets, devices, etc
Victorious Hunter & Hunter Catalogue By Mike Stewart is dived into sections such as armor, weapons, firearms, ordaniance, Miscellania (devices, coins,ladies goods, monocles,etc.) motive transport, curoisities ( weird & dangerous devices or artifacts), currancy conversions, Hunter & Hunter price list, & appendix expanded price list. 
Victorious Hunter & Hunter Catalogue is a very well done 41 page book that covers everything from the most basic personal armor to personal helicopters 
Gyro Throne Hull Damage Points: 8 Passengers: 1 (pilot only) Size: Small Other: Lightning Speed 1, Super-Movement 1(Flight, 30 feet), Weakness (Seat is open to air and gives no protection to pilot) Range: 40 miles Cost: £1,000. / $5,000.00 Availability: 10% At last science has brought to the average man the capacity of flight! In the gyro-throne, any man (or even woman!) can sail through the air with the greatest of ease. The gyro-throne uses scientific methods first considered by the great Italian Leonardo Da Vinci centuries ago, but only recently has the quality of mechanical and steam arts become capable of realizing these dreams. Each gyro-throne comes with a set of goggles, adjustable belt to hold the pilot in the seat, and a manual for self-teaching of the atmospheric mysteries. Made of durable Steelonium and brass for aesthetics, no person would be ashamed to be seen in such a fine contraption of flight. Coal gel for the steam engine sold separately." 
And the fact is that 'Victorious Hunter & Hunter Catalogue' By Mike Stewart should have been included in the original run of the Victorious rpg books as a part of the rule book not as an addendum supplement. However this blunder rests on Troll Lords & not the author.With that being said, 'Victorious Hunter & Hunter Catalogue' is still a very valuable part of the Victorious rpg especially for the mad scientists, gadgeteers, contraptionists, and other PC's who dabble into the lighter & darker aspects of this Steampunk supers game. 
This all being said the 'Victorious Hunter & Hunter Catalogue' By Mike Stewart actually has use in other OSR style supers games especially the Red Room's 
Wretched Époque rpg. 
Villians as well as heroes are going to be using the services of the 'Victorious Hunter & Hunter Catalogue' departments. Villains may be classified as adventurers until they actually show their true colours. So Hunter & Hunter may be selling their wares to a wide variety of heroes & villains completely unaware of their true intent. 

So is  'Victorious Hunter & Hunter Catalogue' By Mike Stewart For the Victorious Rpg From Troll Lord Games worth the download?! In a word yes it is because it provides a vital point & counter point of equipment & devices for a Victorious rpg campaign. 

'Victorious Hunter & Hunter Catalogue' By Mike Stewart For the Victorious Rpg From Troll Lord Games 

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