Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Review & Commentary On The Wretched Bastards Rpg Quick Start By Miguel Ribeiro, & Sílvia Clemente From the Red Room

As we mentioned since the beginning, Wretched Bastards, and the Wretched system itself, is a work in progress. That’s why the Red Room’s OSR dark fantasy game already had so many changes that a real update is needed. The changes aren’t enough to be called a second edition, though it will be given a new layout. It’s a revised edition with a new look, as it wasn’t just the rules that changed a bit over the last five months; my layout skills have also improved. So, this will be free to all who have purchased the game. The latest Wretched Bastards version (1.7) will remain available if you prefer the original look and more straightforward game mechanics. There will be a print on demand option as well (the original version will still be available for pod as well). For now, here's a quickstart so you can get a taste of the revamped Bastards." "Wretched Bastards is a low-magic, dark fantasy role-playing game. Besides being deadly and bleak, it is meant to be sleazy. The main characters aren’t heroes at all; they are greedy, violent, lecherous, cruel, untrustworthy scoundrels."

So Wretched Bastards Rpg Quick Start  By Miguel Ribeiro, & Sílvia Clemente is a dark fantasy beer & pretezels rpg. And this is the second edition of Wretched Bastards rpg line as the authors have made it clear that there's reasons for a second edition. This is the quick start for the dark fantasy game of adventurous bastards. These are not the heroes you want but the one's that your stuck with. And Wretched Bastards was the Red Room's second foreray into the underbelly of the OSR. So The Wretched Bastards Rpg Quickstart is equipped & I don't say this lightly. You've got eight six pages of 13 deadly sins for PC generation. 
The insanity of the Wretched Bastards setting is solidly intact & waiting to be exploited. 
On the whole The Wretched Bastards rpg Quickstart is a vast improvement. 
There are lots of little things like improved font, lots of solid A.I. generated artwork, solid layout, and easy to adapt rules that make this an excellent impovement on the older edition. 

There's the fact that you & your PC's are not the 'good guys' that's a refreshing approach to the usual classic Dungeons & Dragons OSR style games. Yes, you can have an evil campaign in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons or classic Dungeons & Dragons. Wretched Bastards is a bit different because the bastards aspect is baked in. Don't believe me just take a look at the 'World of Bastards: The Seven Bastards' as a rival adventuring party to your PC's! 

The Wretched Bastard Rpg Quickstart has everything you need to start tonight to kick off your campaigns. You've got PC rules, guidelines for generation, complete equipment list, and more all in a 'pay what you want' baked in package. And this allows the DM to take on the foreman role far more then in other OSR games. Is the Red Room's efforts & stylings worth it?! As Silvia Clemente observes within her observations; "? Sure! It’s your game now, you can do what you want. My recommendation for playing the typical hero in Wretched is to make it a young inexperienced character, an “innocent” that may become a bastard after being kicked around by life. The world of Antillia is a wretched place and the hero will be surrounded by deceitful deviants that will try, at every turn, to hurt, betray or take advantage of him."

And this style of campaign works very well with the Wretched Bastard Rpg Quickstart & could kick a campaign into high gear from the ground up. And this is what makes the The Wretched Bastard Rpg Quickstart worth the download! 
 The  Wretched Bastards Rpg Quick Start  By Miguel Ribeiro, & Sílvia Clemente From the Red Room  Is Available Here 

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