Friday, September 9, 2022

OSR Commentary On Shadow of the Necromancer 1E By Mark Taormino From Dark Wizard Games Used For A Classic Hyperborea rpg Set Up.

 "Fear stalks through the darkness of night in the form of the walking dead! They attack innocent travelers and merchant caravans in the moonlight! Animated skeletons have also been seen digging up the recently dead and carrying them into the nearby ruins of an old abandoned keep!"

"Rumor spreads fast from lip to ear amongst the locals, whispering that a sinister hooded figure has been seen directing the undead and is taking up res"idence in that foul dungeon! " 
So we've been looking for some 1st level adventure  options to get our Hyperborea rpg campaign off the ground. While there are several adventures that we've been speaking about for a Hyperborea rpg campaign such as Cellars of Ancarvan which will probably be the follow up to Shadow of the Necromancer. So why 'Shadow of the Necromancer'? Several reasons, reason one is the fact that Hyperborea is chock full of Hyperborean ruins all over the landscape. Reason two 'The Shadow of the Necromancer' is a very straight forward adventure. And three  Mark Taormino does a great job of outlining his NPC's motives. 

'Shadow of the Necromancer' brings the player's PC's right into the action & the adventure could easily be placed right outside of the capital of Khromarium.The necromancer sets up shop and begins to weasel his way into the surrounding landscape like an undead necromatic cockroach. This is one bad customer bringing the wades of undead to the surrounding countryside.  

Because of Shadow of the Necromancer's  capital of Khromarium association. It would be quite easy to work Rats in the Walls and Other Perils urban adventure association into the  adventure mix. So we have a series of adventures that will take the PC's from first level all the way to fourth quite easily or beyond. 

 Shadow of the Necromancer 1E By Mark Taormino From Dark Wizard Games does an excellent job of fostering a group of 1st level PC's into actual conflict, offers a solid NPC villain, & a good hook into a classic Sword & Sorcery campaign. 
 Shadow of the Necromancer 1E By Mark Taormino From Dark Wizard Games Is Available Right Here

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