Friday, September 16, 2022

Review & Commentary On The Wretched Space rpg By The Red Room For Your Wretched rpg Campaign Universe

 "Wretched is an old-school role-playing game designed to play anti-hero characters in a cinematic setting. In Wretched Space, the genre is space opera. But unlike most other space operas, this one isn’t about heroic characters whose actions have significant consequences for the future of civilization. Here you are meant to play on a smaller scale, and the higher purpose your character serves is his own self-interest. That doesn't imply you're playing a villain. You can still traverse the galaxy, enjoying extraordinary adventures and possibly even helping others. The characters will most likely commit crimes and exhibit contempt for other people's rights and well-being, but perhaps they will wind up saving the day after all."

So based around the thirteen deadly sins in space & Wretched deeds in space are beholden in Wretched Space. Clocking in at 238 pages rpg  Wretched Space takes in the dark menace of the villainy the Wretched galaxy. Wretched Space is a happening sorta of galaxy with crops of aliens, factions, etc. all that we've come to expect from the Red Room. And for me this is essentially Wretched Flesh Post Cards from Avalidad rpg in space sorta. There's a lot and I do mean a lot happening in this rpg. There's a lot of MidJourney A.I. artwork but that's nothing new for the Red Room. What is new in The Wretched Space rpg is the way that the interstellar scene is handled. This is a post human universe with a spin on Space Opera & it's handled well. There's the usual alien races, post humanity, etc. but there's also a dangerous low threshold universe lurking just under the brightly coloured space craft.  And this is a universe that has a lot of problems. Problems that quickly become your PC's problems and those problems can interfere with your ability to make a living or literally breath. 

Wretched Space is a post human universe on the edge of obvilion & this isn't something to be taken lightly sure there's plenty of room to save your own backside, and humanity or the universe. Wretched Space is a post modern universe where there's plenty of sword battles, space battles, etc.There are dark edges out here in the wretched space universe and there's some familar powers taking full advantage of it. 

Sure this is a Space Opera universe but if your looking for Star Wars style high heroics there are several other OSR retroclone games that can handle the task of high adventure. Wretched Space is a working heroes universe where getting three squares a day, a space craft over your party's head, and the ability to have a soul is only part of the equation. Wretched Space is a fine rpg with hits the interstellar underbelly quite nicely while giving a 'Heavy Metal' magazine glow. 
The adventures here are going to be struggles with interstellar politic, the transhuman elements, & various alien races who might be more or less then they seem. 
Is the Wretched Space rpg well done?! Yes, it clocks in at two hundred & thirty eight pages, has the Wretched rpg engine powering it with an interesting interstellar coat and solidly done surrounding tool kits. The Red Room has done a bang up job of presenting an interesting universe that can easily be married to their other OSR games or supplements. And this is one of the best strengths of the Red Room. The fact that the writers embrace their vision & bring to the table some great OSR products. 

The Wretched Space rpg  By The Red Room For Your Wretched rpg Campaign Universe  Is Avaiable Right Over Here 

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