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Review & Commentary On 'The Chaos Cults: Bubonica' By Andrew Marrington For Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg & Other B/X OSR Rpg Campaigns

 "Hidden away from prying eyes, the faithful of the Righteous Plague gather in their unholy places. They call on him by name, and entreat him to send his diseases and blights to their foes. They call on him by name, and beg to be reprieved from his epidemics. They call on him by name, and plead to be spared from the ravages of the plagues he bestows. They call on him by name..." 
  Chaos Cults: Bubonica By Andrew Marrington For Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg By Andrew Marrington was another of those spur of the moment purchases last night at about five A.M. Why?! Well because of the fact that coming up we've got a Cyberpunk style world & my players are familar with the usual suspects of Chaos gods. So time to change thing up a bit. 

The Chaos Cults: Bubonica By Andrew Marrington For Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg clocks in at twenty four pages of chaos inducing disease ridden Chaos. That's chaos with a capital 'C' because this lord of disease is one that Old Hammer players will be instantly familar with. And if there was ever a repulsive god for the fantasy ages it's this one; "Bubonica is a God of Plague, Disease, and Pestilence. He torments mortals with his corrupting creations, defacing their physical forms with pustules and sores, leaving pain, sickness and death. He blights beasts and plants too, destroying crops and livestock, fathering famines. From his personal plane, he creates sicknesses and sends them forth to the worlds of mortals, waging war on the creations of Law by blighting them and twisting their forms, perfection giving away to decay, life to death, stasis to Chaos" 

For Lamentations & other B/X engine powered games  Bubonica hits the high or low notes in this case. This demented uncle of disease ridden filth is waiting to take on the Earth. He's one of those delightful Chaos gods who just waits on the world to come his way. And Bubonica hits the higher notes with minions that we haven't seen before. Minions such as the Locust Men; "Locustman AC 4, HD 2* (9 hp), Att 1 weapon (damage as per weapon) or 1 jump (1d4) or 1 spit, MV 60’ (20’) or Fly 180’ (60’) , SV As Fighter 2, ML 8, AL Chaotic, XP 25, # Appearing 1d4 (2d4), Treasure D • Jump: Locustmen can jump up to 60’ then fly away rather than make an attack. Alternatively, they can jump into an enemy, moving up to 60’ to do 1d4 damage (roll to hit as usual). • Spit: 10’ range. The locustman rolls to hit against AC 9 irrespective of the armour worn by the target. If the locustman hits, the target must make a save vs death or be covered in stinking spittle, which makes them so violently ill that they cannot act for 1 turn. Until the spittle is washed off, those who come within 5’ of the victim must make a save vs death or vomit violently. • Insectoid: Locustmen resemble giant, human-sized and shaped insects. They can pass through insect swarms without being attacked or otherwise suffering any ill effect. • Poison Immunity: Locustmen are immune to poison."

Here's what you get with 'The Chaos Cults: Bubonica' By Andrew Marrington?! You get the cult vectors in the form of plague zombies, plague rats, and chaos demonic entities. All of them are ready to be unleashed on your campaign! And how can this be unleashed on your world?! Easy the first level summoning spell can let that disease ridden god's entity into reality. 

There's more then a few cults  within  'The Chaos Cults: Bubonica'  just waiting to take on your adventurers. And even within B/X Dungeons & Dragons healing magic that won't help. And  there's a ton of danger & chaos that comes across in spades especially undercover; "The Untouched The Untouched have made a terrible deal with Bubonica to spare their own lives (and perhaps those of their loved ones). In exchange for their preservation from Bubonica’s plagues and diseases, they worship the God of Plagues by sacrificing their city to his vile concoctions. The Untouched do everything they can do to clandestinely facilitate the spread of plague in their community. The souls of those who perish to the illness are sometimes so unfortunate as to find themselves on Bubonica’s plane in the afterlife, doomed to suffer there for all eternity. When the plague has finally run its course, the Untouched are among the final citizens still alive." 
The untouched are only one of the hands & fingers of Bubonica. He's also expanding his business with cults like the Midwives. The Midwives are the silent horror waiting in the wings; "The Midwives are women who attend the childbeds of the highborn, who may even have stumbled onto the worship of Bubonica through the innocent search for white magic to assist them in their profession. Bubonica blesses their hands with the ability to deliver healthy babies in exchange for infecting the mothers they tend with childbed fever." This is subtle and horrid just the thing to spark the interest of players at the table top with outrage. To round everything out the gifts & spells of Bubonica are insidious and very dangerous as well. 
And there's an adventure location that demands the attention of adventurers witin  
The Chaos Cults: Bubonica By Andrew Marrington. And this   comes in the form of  a sewer location lair ripe for the slimes and oozes as well as the rats all under the direct purview of Bubonica himself. And this is all waiting in twenty four pages. 

'The Chaos Cults: Bubonica' By Andrew Marrington For Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg & Other B/X OSR Rpg Campaigns  Is Available Right Here 

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