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OSR Review & Commentary Of Opus Magi: Psions By Mark Janselewitz From Ordo Arcanorum For The Opus Magi rpg

  "Psions have easily become one of the most popular characters in Opus Magi.  However, the core rulebook has only one character Playbook for Psion.  The materials here are an expansion of the Psion character, including the following:

  • rules for using Psionics per the core rulebook
  • new Psionic Abilities for original Psionic Talents
  • completely new Psionic Talents
  • new Psion character Playbooks
  • new Psionic tools
  • pregenerated Psion characters"

Opus Magi: Psions By Mark Janselewitz From Ordo Arcanorum  is a Cepheus Engine rpg systems game supplement for the Opus Magi Rpg. And Opus Magi: Psions was written by Mark Janselewitz & as a supplement flows over into the Opus Magi rpg with some of the most dangerous PC types in the game.Opus Magi: Psions focuses itself on the psions & thier psionic & psychic powers. And they go into great details about the following; "The rules for Psionics and the original Psionic Talents are included:

Awareness:  control over one's own body

Clairvoyance:  perceiving at a distance

Telekinesis:  mind over matter

Telepathy:  mental communication

Teleportation:  teleporting objects or oneself

New Psionic Abilities for the Talents of Awareness, Clairvoyance, and Telepathy are part of these rules.  Look for NEW next to the entry in the rules." These are next level powers & abilities competing very well with the magicks of the Opus Magi in spades. Everything here is laid out bare & well thought out. As you can see this is a very well done supplement that clocks in at one hundred & twenty four pages. 

Opus Magi: Psions By Mark Janselewitz is basically bringing the psion PC class up to the level of Magus and then some by taking full advantage of the psionic systems that Cepheus Engine rpg.And adds in it's own wrinkles by bringing in brand new psionic talents including:

ElectroSensus:  manipulation of electricity

Polymorphism:  changing one’s own body

Thermostatics:  control of fire and ice

Uponyaji / Sanatio:  healing of body and mind

And these abilties really level the playing field for the 2d6 psions in the Opus Magi rpg. And they are extremely useful to go against other psionics & supernatural threats within the game. More on that later on. 

Because of the fact that Opus Magi: Psions By Mark Janselewitz is another player's guide for the Opus Magi rpg because it adds in yet another angle with the character play books these are essential to get PC's ready to go. And these take the original Opus Magi rpg &  the new Psionic Talents and Abilities:

Denki no hito:  the “mind-machine interface”

Mabeobsa:  the “wizard” of fire and ice

Mganga: the healer of body, mind, and soul

Shadow Runner:  the corporate spy

Skin Walker:  the shape-changer

"These new characters come with new Psionic tools and weapons." These new psion & psionic talents are very dangerous additions to the Opus Magi rpg. And these psionic talents are used as a part of the pregenerated PC's &  NPC's. These pregenerated PC's are perfect for use as a group of NPC's. There's also some great uses to support your psion. And because the Opus Magi rpg is open game content the Cepheus Engine rpg truly shines in Opus Magi: Psions By Mark Janselewitz. The true capabilities of the Cepheus Engine rpg are on display here. 
And here's my thoughts on 
Opus Magi: Psions By Mark Janselewitz.  This is a straight up great addition to the Opus Magi rpg because it gives the psion some real teeth for the rpg. These are psion's that can hold their own against magus on their own level & at their own game. 
And it also means that the psion's are a great enemy for magi as well. The Skinwalker has the potential to mess up the day or worse for a party of magus quite easily. And on the flipside the fact is that psion or two would be excellent additions to a party of magi. 

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