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OSR Review & Commentary On Orbital Platforms By Paul Elliott For The Hostile Rpg & Other Cepheus Engine rpg Or Other Old School 2d6 Science Fiction Rpg's

 "Not all colonists within the American Sector settle on the surface of hostile planets. Many work in the depths of space or in planetary orbits on artificial platforms or space stations. There are hundreds in use, varying wildly in size from the 600-ton Pioneer class to the 20,000-ton Bay class and up to the million-ton Morozov class giants. Their purpose varies as much as their size. Orbital platforms might serve as way stations for starship crews, they might be research bases, fuel refinery stations, defence bases, orbital construction yards, communication stations as well as sundry other types …"

" Throughout human-occupied space the most common form of orbital platform is the modular type. Most of these resemble a floating skyscraper, with an external surface cluttered with additional units, pipework, tankage and ancillary sections. Commonly these giant constructions come in identical pairs or threes, connected together by gantries, fixed docking mechanisms and service connections."

 Orbital Platforms By Paul Elliot is a thirty four page set of essential guidelines for the Hostile Rpg & it's campaigns. This supplement is perfectly aligned for creating space borne  platforms in Hostile around colony worlds, space craft bases, rifineries, etc. We get outlines for designing, creating, & fixing up various orbital platforms. Hostile rpg adventure & campaign options often call for orbital platforms and Orbital Platforms By Paul Elliott covers this in spades. 

 Artificial platforms or space stations are perfect for interstellar or plantary adventures. Orbital Platforms By Paul Elliott For The Hostile Rpg is the book with everything necessary to get you started with using these in Hostile. All of the guidelines, details, and even weaponry. This makes 'Orbital Platforms' an essential take for example the standard platform; "PIONEER CLASS 600-ton Utility Platform The Leyland-Okuda Pioneer is a general purpose industrial operations platform, a space station designed to serve as an operations center, drone control, fuel store or supply dump. Using a 600-ton standard hull (Hull 12, Structure 12) the Pioneer mounts a Matsuyama OKL-1 1 Gigawatt Fusion Reactor, it has no other drives, other than station-keeping reaction jets. Fuel tankage comprising 9 tons of liquid hydrogen provides coolant to the fusion reactor for 12 months of continuous operation. Adjacent to the bridge is a level-1 Okuda Brightstar computer mainframe; a standard sensor package is fitted. There are six staterooms provided for the crew. A cargo deck of 42 tons holds spare parts and supplies and 480-tons of fuel tank can be configured for the storage of liquid hydrogen fuel, helium-3 or even stocks of fresh water. Features include fuel processors that can create up to 20 tons of liquid hydrogen each day, a workshop and fuel transfer manifold, repair robots and a medbay. A 0.5-ton Workloader is carried on the cargo deck. The Pioneer has no ship’s vehicles. Up to two starships or small craft can dock with the station at once. The station has a crew of five: commander, chief sensor operator, medic, assistant sensor operator, engineer. These roles can be altered to suit the station’s role. A spare stateroom can be used double occupancy by two visitors. The Leyland Pioneer costs $80M."

These platforms were created using a combination of Hostile rpg's starship rules & Orbital Platforms By Paul Elliott's guidelines. Orbital Platforms examines every detail for these adventure points & places for Hostile. This makes Orbital Platforms By Paul Elliott far more indepth then you at first it might seem. Orbital Platforms By Paul Elliott is a stand alone book & therefore you don't need the Hostile starship rules. 
For the Hostile rpg,  Orbital Platforms By Paul Elliott  is one the essential books for Hostile. Because it throws the focus on these adventure locations & the guidelines or rules for creating them. It's compact and has everything that DM needs to take full advantage of 

Orbital Platforms By Paul Elliott is compact, easy to read, easy to create your own orbital adventure locations, & this all ties into the point of this supplement. 

 Orbital Platforms By Paul Elliott  does exactly what it sets out to do, to create orbital & instellar platform locations that can be used as adventure locations & campaign points for the Hostile rpg or other 2d6 instellar rpg's. The material is well done, compact, to the point, reliable, and very well thought out! 
Orbital Platforms By Paul Elliott For The Hostile Rpg & Other Cepheus Engine rpg Or Other Old School 2d6 Science Fiction Rpg's Is Available Here. 

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