Saturday, September 17, 2022

OSR Commentary On The Hostile Rpg & The Shoulder of Orion Military campaign- Session Report - HG Giger Attack

 The Giger wasps came in hot and heavy, we hidden within the shadow of a nearby system's asteroid. Our Gypsy fighters drew the bastards away from our base station into a trap. These things are basically a fighter around a hyperspace bio engine loaded with conventional weapons. For the Hostile rpg they are a part of the tide that takes out anything that comes through  the Taunhauser gate hyperspace network. This session is going to be picking up right from here on the blog. 

The Giger Wasps were developed using Zozer Games Alien Breeds. 
We're way in deep in Hyperspace & still trying to figure out why there's a ton of humanity that's established itself in deep interstellar space. It wasn't our worst issue in tonight's game. Instead, it's the Giger wasps that gave us an almost TPK. Fortunately we had our roughnecks plant explosives on the asteroids just as we exited them on our Gypsy fighters. The asteroids made short work of the Giger wasps. 
We wanted to stay in this system & figure out why the colonists were here in this system. And proceeded to move our battle stations into position around the most inhabitted planet. After making several burns we found the remains of a mining operation on the nearest moon. On the otherside of the moon was a old orbit platform in ruins. 

Something was wrong about the platform as the proporations were wrong for humanity?! Aboard were the Giger wasps where a strangely constructed alien looking hive was made from the old plates of the platform. 

We the players were not happy about this development & took a break in order come up with a plan. The wasps had not seen us yet and so we decided to withdraw a bit & regroup. We weren't low on fuel or supplies but burned our way to outer edges of the system. We weren't prepared to jump back into hyperspace either. 
So we decided to send an unmanned Gypsy fighter with an elaborate sensor set up to remotely take a look at the platform. We didn't want to roust the wasps but these things can be very dangerous. The ship's A.I. was designed straight from Independence Games Artificial supplement. 

The wasps were meeting with some space suited humanoid on the outside of the ruins of the platform?! But they weren't using language or normal radio transmissions to communicate. Instead they used bursts of Infrared light & lasers  to communicate back & forth. We have no idea what was being said between the two unknown forces. 

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