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Review & Commentary On The Clement Sector Core Setting Book By John Watts From Independence Games For The Cephius Engine Rpg & The Original Edition Traveller Rpg

In 2210, scientists discovered a wormhole allowing travel to the opposite side of the Milky Way galaxy.  Once across, exploration teams discovered worlds far more suited to human habitation than those in star systems nearer to Earth.  Were they terraformed by some unknown race?  Are they just a coincidence in the vast diversity of the universe?

Over the ensuing years humans left Earth and began to colonize these worlds.  Nation-backed colonies.  Corporate colonies.  People who simply no longer felt compelled to remain on Earth.  The best and brightest.

In 2331, the unthinkable happened.  The wormhole collapsed leaving those in Clement Sector cut off from Earth.  Now these new worlds and new civilizations must stand on their own.

The year is 2342.  Adventure awaits!" 

So a friend gave me a pdf of The Clement Sector Core Setting Book and this is a high science fictional sector book for the The Cephius Engine Rpg or old school Traveller rpg campaigns. This setting book ties all of Independence Games other supplement books together into an interstellar  campaign. 

 The Clement Sector Core Setting Book  is a full set up book for a space opera campaign. This book is a God sent for the Cepheus rpg dungeon master & it works well because of the intersteller scene that the book presents. The introduction of the Zim drive which makes the whole cloth of the sector book not only accessible but well thought out. The star ship are awesome especially; " Clement Sector also details the Zimm Drive, the method of stellar travel in this setting, and showcases five commonly seen starships.  Deckplans, art, and statistics are provided for the Rucker-class merchant ship, Luxury-class yacht, Trailblazer-class scout, Atlas-class freighter, and Farragut-class destroyer.  

The second edition of our core setting book, this edition also contains information from our popular Player's Guide, Career Companion, and Career Tracks." The Clement Sector Core Setting Book  has all of the material from the older edition of the supplement The Clement Sector Core Setting Book. There's a lot of material in this supplement & a ton of it is thrown into the interstellar scene that  Independence Games' science fiction universe
This is a very tight campaign & well laid out. There is a lot happening within the 
Independence Games' science fiction universe and the interstellar scene is a very busy place. Busy enough to get the PC's into a ton of trouble & then some.  But this is a very easy setting to insert game adventures into so that the interstellar stage works as a whole cloth gaming universe. 
If it was me that was using 
Clement Sector Core Setting Book then I grab a copy of Cepheus: Faster Than Light! to get the PC's in on the adventure hooks that are present within the sector books to get things rolling right away. 

 The Clement Sector Core Setting Book  is an excellent starting point to the Independence Games' science fiction universe. And it takes the PC's deep into the interstellar scene with lots of dangerous & lethal wars to gets into. The alien races are well thought out & with lots of potential for trade, economy,  adventures, & the tie in with the star ship technologies. There's a real hands on feel to The Clement Sector Core Setting Book

The Clement Sector Core Setting Book  is a perfect slide in for the original Traveller rpg box set. The mysteries presented in the sector book fit right into the Traveller setting universe without upsetting the whole cloth campaign works at all. 

The Clement Sector Core Setting Book  is a great addition to the Cepheus Engine rpg scene & I'm so glad that I've gotten it as a Christmas present from my friend Chris. Thanks pal much appreciated. 

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