Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas Demons - Review & Commentary On Gregorius21778: 10 Demons of Hell From Kai Pütz a.k.a Gregorius21778 A ' Pay What You Want' Monster Supplement For Your Old School & OSR Campaigns

"Actually, this Pay-what-you-want-title is Mr. Kowolski his fault (although he had no hand in it, I am not affiliated with him and I -bet- he does not even know of my existence): in his Going Through Forbidden Worlds, Zzarchov Kowolski leaves it to the GM to create several demonic encounters for the adventure itself. For doing so he points to the Summon spell (LotFP Player Core Rules p. 134) and/or the Random Esoteric Creature Generator"

What happens when the occult ritual works a bit too well? The inverted penticle is made & the circle is cast?! The demon or Hell thing comes through & then it lingers. It haunts the world then moving its Hell depratations across reality?! This is the thought that's been haunting in the back of our mind. So we don't own  Going Through Forbidden Worlds, but we've been looking for a hook to pull in players PC's and this gets into Gregorius21778: 10 Demons of Hell a pay what you want tiltle for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Many of the third party titles for Lamentations are better then some of the published works. 

So how is  Gregorius21778: 10 Demons of Hell  to be used?! Well let's say that your going to use it for a post modern occult/supernatural game such as Veterans of the Supernatural Wars rpg. Its almost like we're planning a campaign in that setting isn't it?! Well, the cult has summoned a demon of forbbidden knowledge from the depths of Hell. The horr or has answered all of the cult's questions & they've set it free to wreck havoc & haunt the builting or ruin that its in. Your party stumbles across it and are confronted by the accusing nun; 
" a tall nun in full habit, a whip in her left hand. Her eyes are that of a corpse, and as soon as she looks at somebody she begins to shriek accusations at her, naming every sin committed by the character and abusing any feeling of guilt she might have. Filthy-brown liquid wells up from her lips and sprays out of her mouth with every shriek and scream. With her whip, she lashes out against anybody that dears to approach her. The “Nun” will only use the whip when approached or attacked, but shouts and screams her accusations at one character per round. Those accused must Save vs Magic (+3 bonus for characters with a Lawful alignment) or will lose 1d6+3 hit points as wounds of a cruel whipping. " And this is the sort of a horror that we're dealing with here. Because the AC is '12' & able to be used by many labyrinth lord themed games this horror is easy to use with Castles & Crusades or even Adventurer, Conqeuror, King, Rpg. 
For a Castles & Crusades rpg campaign adventure  Gregorius21778: 10 Demons of Hell  makes for a mid teir demonic threat right in the middle of a dungeon or ruin. The party isn't ready to take down the big bad from the Tome of The Unclean but instead has to deal with one or two of the these hell spawn laying in wait for the party that the cult has left behind.  

Would an evil  cult clean up after themselves?! Hell no they wouldn't!  They'd leave demon or devil to prey on the next fool that stumbled across it. They pay the price for the cult's demonic ill gotten knowledge. This plays right into ideas presented in the ACK's Heroic Fantasy Handbook's ceremonial magick systems. 

If evil & twisted cults are summoning demonic hell things to gain knowledge or power then leaving them behind for innocents to pay the price. Then it stands to reason that wizards & even parties of adventurers may be cleaning up the supernatural pollution. Think about it.. The Lamentations of the Flame Princess spell Summon allows any first level occultist to summon beings from the beyond the pale of mortality. Then it stands to reason that there would be those whose civic duty to clean up not only the cult but the Hell things left behind in the wake of such summonings perhaps even make a living from it!? 
Gregorius21778: 10 Demons of Hell  is once again a title that is more then the sum of its Hellish parts. Its a title that works & works well because Gregorius21778: 10 Demons of Hell  is flexible & can be applied to any number of old school & OSR adventures. 

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