Friday, December 18, 2020

Law & Worship - A brief Look At The Free Monograph Charles Green's 'Gods of Law in the New Kingdoms' A Free Monograph For The Stormbringer Fifth Edition Rpg

 If the ways of Chaos are ever changing & the ways of Law in the Young Kindoms have been the bed rock upon which princplities & kingdoms have been built. 

"In this monograph, Charles delves into history and purpose of the Cults of Law, and the Holy Concordance of the White Lords. Additionally, he and others introduce the concept of using the Gods of Law as enemies in Stormbringer adventures, and supplies almost a dozen campaign seeds for your own ongoing stories.

Further information includes the Barrier of Law, the entropic wall that protects so many planes from Chaos, as well as optional rules to reflect the powers of Law and Order."

When one thinks of the rule & worship  of  Law then one thinks of the unwavering arrow of Law itself. Charles Green's  'Gods of Law in the New Kingdoms' is a bit of a master work in my humble opinion. The Stormbringer fifth edition rpg was always missing something & that something was on the gods of Law.  The Lords of the Singularity are on their way out  in the Young Kingdoms & they pose the biggest threat to your PC's. 

The barrier of Law around the Young Kingdoms is breaking down & 'Gods of Law in the New Kingdoms'  goes into this in spades. With each & every thing there is an opposite. The Gods of Law are the opposite number of Chaos. But this definition isn't so easy according to the Michael Moorcock Multiverse Wiki entry;"The Lords of Singularity and Justice, and servants of Law.

Law manifests itself in an unknown number of forms and ideals. Chief among these are the Lords of Law, also known as the Lords of Light and the White Lords. The Lords of Law are essentially living embodiment of Law. They are worshiped as gods in many worlds, and reviled as tyrants in others.

The White Lords of Law are much less developed than the Lords of Chaos. Most of the stories are set in a cosmic cycle when Chaos is most powerful. When they appear, the Lords of Law are usually more benevolent than the Chaos Lords, who are seductive but also sinister and prone to losing their temper. The Lords of Law are prone to appearing in human form, but when seen in their truer forms, they appear as perfect in every way, flawlessly symmetrical and painfully beautiful to look upon.

This does not mean the Lords of Law are inherently good. Just like Chaos, Law is beyond good or evil, and too much Law can be just as harmful to life as too much Chaos. Lords of Law who disregard the Cosmic Balance do so because they wish to stop Chaos from breaching the Balance forever, and ironically, they go against the Balance themselves when they do this."

The Lords of Law have  had the Young Kingdoms in thrall for eons & their cults are some of the deadliest threats that PC's can face down in Charles Green's  'Gods of Law in the New Kingdoms' 

Charles Green's  'Gods of Law in the New Kingdoms'  brings a lot to the table top level for the Stormbringer rpg from details on all of the Gods of Law cults, practices, magicks, to the real agenda of these Lords of Law. This makes Charles Green's  'Gods of Law in the New Kingdoms'  a must have for Stormbringer 5th edition..  

'Gods of Law in the New Kingdoms'  presents everything a DM is going to need to run these dangerous entities within a Stormbringer rpg campaign. Or the PC's might find themselves on a wooden stake waiting to be burnt as a worshiper of Chaos or worse! 

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