Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Quick Review & Commentary On Amazing Adventures 5E Wild Stars by Michael Tierney, & Jason Vey For a Wild Stars Old School Campaign

"Seventy-Five-Thousand Years ago, mankind first migrated into space and colonized the planets circling the brightest stars in the night sky, creating the region of space known as the Wild Stars.

They are yours to explore!

Based on the long running comic books series by Michael Tierney: of the same name!"

 So one of the books that's been in our hands for a long while now has been the Fifth edition book by Troll Lord Games called Amazing Adventures 5E Wild Stars by Michael Tierney, &  Jason Vey. 

Now before you unsubscribe to this blog because, 'Oh my God he's reviewing a fifth edition book?!' Amazing Adventures 5E Wild Stars  is pretty much stat less & really given over to the Wild Stars campaign setting history, the comic book adventure plot, & some of the twists & turns of the comic book itself. The layout, artwork, etc. are up to Troll Lord standards. This isn't a huge book book clocking in at forty six pages. But you have to understand Wild Stars premise, big ideas, characters, etc. that this series put forth. 

Of course I've already seen the grousing from those certain quarters of gaming, 'Oh I wasted my money', 'Its too short of a setting book', 'this is simply a rehash from the coming books', yup I already heard it from the usual local quarters which I ignored & doubled down by grabbing the Wild Stars: 35th Anniversary book with a really sweet discount. 

So what is Wild Stars all about?! Well its basically an alien invasion series mixed in with high concept time travel, FTL, cosmic gods, science fiction weirdness, & a lot of good old fashion Pulp style adventure. But what really sold us on this setting was the crabmen artwork! 

Now where have I seen these guys before?! Hmm Oh yeah the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition Fiend Folio! That's right I love crabmen for dungeons & adventures! 

 Amazing Adventures 5E Wild Stars  takes all of these elements & distills them down into an actual usable format & form me this is the draw. Will 2021 be the year that I run a Amazing Adventures 5E Wild Stars  game campaign?! Maybe!? The jury is still out on this but I can say that for me grabbing Amazing Adventures 5E Wild Stars  was well worth it. Here are some reasons why:
  1. The Wild Stars campaign setting can link up with almost any OSR or campaign setting. The point by point adventure adjunction works nicely. 
  2. Michael Tierney is a proven writer with a track record going back for a long time in my comic book & fandom reading. So I know what I'm in for. 
  3. The Wild Stars setting has lots of adventure possibilities & flat out works. 
  4. Jason Vey does excellent game design & writing so anything with his name on it is an automatic buy. 
  5. Tierney understands monster ecology & does a nice job with his elements. 
  6. This is a Troll Lord product & it can be ported over into Siege Engine rpg play 
  7. The stat less approach means that the Wild Star setting can work for the advantage of the dungeon master. 
  8. Non linear approach to adventure design works well with my games. 
  9. Adventure element pick up works like a snap for me with experienced players. If you don't know what we're talking about here go read Wild Stars to understand. 
  10. Possible crossover with other OSR & Old school AD&D first edition or older D&D adventures. And yes it could easily be adapted to original Traveller or Cepheus engine. Perhaps Cepheus Light could work easily..  

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