Monday, December 21, 2020

Matters of Death & Amber - The Glantri Gambit - The Magi's Agenda OSR Campaign Commentary

So let's look at"Matters of Amber & Death"from another perspective that your a well trained wizard or witch from Nouvelle Averoigne the most powerful occult nation on the face of Mystara. You've got your masters & teachers nipping at your heels to expand the empire, exploit the natives of other worlds, & generally look out for the interests of Glantri. So if it would fall within the perview of one or two very sharp & very dangerous Glantri PC witches, wizards or Magus would they make the crossing to Earth? An Earth where the two of the most dangerous powers on two worlds are playing a human chess game?! Way before this I've talked about Glantri PC witches, wizards or Magi showing up in many of my campaigns before. But that's before I considered the idea of Glantri PC's showing up on Earth whist this horrific competition was going on. But the second that that even rumors of a prince of  the Ambrevilles showing up will attract a number of magi agents. 

The d'Amberville family has agents roaming far & wide enabling its eyes, ears, and mouths to have the attention of royals across the planes. Glantri would be another rather nasty NPC or PC faction in 'Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Rpg' able to transition from villians to sometimes allies at times.

 They would or will move as the supernatural wind dictates. But let's imagine that you're playing a werewolf or even a Dwarf who might be resistence to magick. Glantri magicians might actually be kidnapping Earth's supernaturals or monsters. 

Glantri has a ton of cultures & magical domains, therefore its a perfect location to use as source for magic school locations especially the 'grand school of magic'. Since the grand school of magic is so rife with politic & intrigue  in Glantri perhaps those low level wizards escaping to Earth are actually coming to the Veterans Earth to learn magic. The  province of Nouvelle Averoigne, is a dark reflection of the world of Mystara's codified country of magus. And as such its still under the dark influence of the Ambrevilles. And any hint of  the Ambrevilles activities on Earth will draw both experienced magi & low levels like moths to the flame of the occult.Here are few reasons why Earth would appeal to Glantrian wizards:
  1. Earth has an abundence of undead so Glantrian Necromancy might be in demand. 
  2. There are a number of places of magic not so well protected. 
  3. Lack of clerics, gods, & immortals means that wizards have more of a free reign. 
  4. Wizards are not believed in allowing them to operate incogneto & continue operations without interference from rivals. 
  5. Plenty of fodder to experiment on. 
  6. Earth has a rich history of places to plunder for magical energies. 
  7. No immortals.. 
  8. There are several Earth bound schools of magic to learn from. 
  9. Mystara isn't connected to Earth. 
  10. Glantrian magus can grow into their own on Earth. 

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