Sunday, December 27, 2020

OSR Moorcockian Frankenstein Session Report - Black Blade of the Demon King by Ahimsa Kerp, & Wind Lothamer from Knight Owl Publishing Session Report II

 "Buried for 10000 years beneath a mountain of black obsidian, a sword of unfathomable power has just awakened. Now, in a desperate race against time and the elements you must try to reach it before its former master returns from his astral prison."

Damn it! The players survived our Dredd/Swords & Wizardry mash up! But  Session II finds me dragged back behind the DM screen away from my family to deal with machinations of the players in  Black Blade of the Demon King by Ahimsa Kerp,  & Wind Lothamer from Knight Owl Publishing.  The Chaos infused Amazons have been playing the PC's like harps from Hell! The PC  level of this campaign is on the heavy side of  3 thru 4th level  but its been really brutal! 

Meanwhile the player's PC's are making social contracts with obsidan gnomes & double dealing against an agent of Law. The whole affair is being run with Fantastic Heroes & Witchery  as the game began & sorta went on hiatus in 2018. Now unknown to our eight players  Gregorius21778 gave me a pdf copy of : Beneath Unhallowed Ground a Lamentations of the Flame Princess mini dungeon that I snuck into as a quick Chaos laiden encounter. 

 Beneath Unhallowed Ground is a location based adventure & now the base of my latest Chaos agent whose sending a few rather nasty undead at the players PC's. Now the game session is bogged down in the player's PC's party in a fight for life against the undead! One of the player's said something about today being a real Bernie Wrightson game!

Now the players are talking plans about possibly making this a regular game. Fortunately I've got one or two thoughts about this coming up. The players did get their hands on several magical scrolls in one of the crypts. And one of the PC occultists  cut a very fast pact with Chardros the Reaper, to become a necromancer . Fortunately I had a copy of James Mishler's Necromancer class on my lap top's hard drive & the player was really happy to have the opportunity to have a chance at this. 

Will they survive in this in this cold undead Hell from beyond the grave?! We'll see coming up!  These undead were mostly out of Castles & Crusades Monsters & Treasure

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