Thursday, December 24, 2020

Pre Christmas Review & Commentary On Gregorius21778: 30 Items of the Dwarfs From Kai Pütz a.k.a Gregorius21778 For Your Old School Or OSR Campaigns

"What you have here is a collection of 30 OSR items made with “Dwarfs” in mind. All of them are LotFP compatible, but if one exchanges “sp” for “gp” and assigns different Saving Throws it should work well with any other OSR-clone, too.

Most weapons, armor and equipment here may be bought by PC (or assigned to NPC, or a loot stash) without any problems. A few entries are “fluff items” that the GM may introduce during a game session.  Nine “magic items” are included as well, often crafted by Dwarf enchanters I named “runesmiths”."

Gregorius21778: 30 Items of the Dwarfs  is a solid addition to a menu of Dwarven options. We've got food, magic items, & even some equipment. There's mystic items in there too. Even though this is a Lamentations of the Flame Princess product 30 Items of the Dwarfs could easily be used with Mentzer Dungeons & Dragons. 30 Items of the Dwarfs  would be exceedingly useful for either Adventurer,Conqueror,King rpg or Castles & Crusades

30 Items of the Dwarfs  gives the dungeon master a tool kit to pepper items through out their Dwarven kingdoms & ruins.  One or two items could be the campaign target or focus to give the DM a hook to draw in the players easily. 
 Kai Pütz puts a bit of effort into his writing to draw in the reader with his take on the classic Dwarven tropes & tricks. And  Kai Pütz does  this for almost everyone of his items. Larry Elmore's Dwarven artwork feels like that Dwarven patron that employs your party. 

Gregorius21778: 30 Items of the Dwarfs   is highly recommended for anyone whose a fan of Dwarven PC's & NPC's magic, equipment, & magic items. These items are excellent for setting the scene of your dungeon, adventure, ruin, or kingdom. 

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