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The Spawn of Pan - A Sanity Blasting Cult for Silent Legions rpg & Your Old School Campaigns

There are times when you need a cult for a game & that's where the Silent Legions rpg comes in very handy. Arthur Machen remains an old favorite of ours & its easy to take 'the Great God Pan novel' of his & exploit into a 
 a full blown cult easily.

The novel's plot is a quick go really according to the Wiki entry on 'The Great God Pan' ; "The Great God Pan is a horror and fantasy novella by Welsh writer Arthur Machen. Machen was inspired to write The Great God Pan by his experiences at the ruins of a pagan temple in Wales. What would become the first chapter of the novella was published in the magazine The Whirlwind in 1890. Machen later extended The Great God Pan and it was published as a book alongside another story, "The Inmost Light", in 1894. The novella begins with an experiment to allow a woman named Mary to see the supernatural world. This is followed by an account of a series of mysterious happenings and deaths over many years surrounding a woman named Helen Vaughan. At the end, the heroes confront Helen and force her to kill herself. She undergoes a series of unearthly transformations before dying and she is revealed to be a supernatural entity."

Helen Vaughan had a daughter at the novel's conclusion & that daughter is Mrs. Helen Beaumont whom at the novel's climax committed suicide when confronted by the novel's protagonists. Mrs. Helen Beaumont was the child of Pan; "Raymond informs Clarke that Mary became pregnant after his experiment caused her to see the god Pan, implying that Pan fathered Helen."  But does an 
 alien demi god easily die?! In the novel;"Helen disappears for some time; according to rumor, she spent the time taking part in disturbing orgies somewhere in the Americas. She eventually returns to London under the pseudonym Mrs. Beaumont. "  
What if Mrs. Helen Beaumont is still out in the world!? And that the children of those orgies are actually today in 2020 still operating secret cults dedicated to Pan out in the remote areas of the American Mid West. 
 Mrs. Helen Beaumont is still alive after a fashion like any entity capable of extreme shape shifting she reproduces by budding off a piece of itself with all of the memories of the original 
Helen going back to 1894. 
The spawn of Pan are capable of shape shifting between human male, female, & finally a sanity blasting form. 
The Spawn of Pan 
Attacks : weapon revolver 
Skill :+3 
Special: Unnamable,charm person ability 
Move: 30'
Morale: 9 
Damage: per weapon 
Madness: 1d10 

Anyone seeing the true form of a Spawn of Pan must make their save or be subject to their own insignificance in the sanity shattering scheme of the grand cosmic design. Those that don't will be subject to highly sanity shattering thoughts, vistas, & illusions as their sense of reality is over wrought. 
The Spawn of Pan are not combat oriented & instead attack with the weapons of mankind such as fire arms, knives, & swords. Those foolish enough to mate with a spawn of Pan are subject to horrid depravities & attentions they will often become pregenent with a demigod child in order to continue the spread of their fertility cults. 
These entities also have a charm ability that allows the spawn to  make a humanoid creature regard you as its trusted friend and ally (treat the target’s attitude as friendly) unless the appropriate saves are made. 

The spawn of pan are often in the ongoing process of corrupting body & soul various indivduals in order to continue its line of cults. These cults are dedicated to material weath, fertility, and utter corruption of body & soul. 

Paul Delaroche - Offering to the God Pan

These cults will often have several enforcers who are known as satyrs & recruiters who are known as nymphs. The cults operate under a number of names & covers evolving to spread their message far & wide. The cults rites always culminate with a Spring orgy where the spawning of the children happens within the inner cult circles. 

Those that are truly blessed are taken into the folds of the spawn & through a degenerate rite turned into true 'corrupted satyrs' the guardians of the cult. These entites are capable of acts of extreme depravity & violence. 

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