Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Review & Commentary On Womb Cult by Andrew Marrington from From Grimm Aramil Publishing For The Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg & Your Old School Or OSR Campaigns

 "A race of alien-human hybrids hides in a rural area, disguising its activities as those of a witch cult. It offers the power of witchcraft to gullible countryfolk; all it asks in exchange is that they serve as the cult’s wombs, to keep their hybrid lines viable, as they have since Time Immemorial.

But a change has swept Europe. No longer are stories of witches dismissed as superstitious ravings of uneducated peasants, and now, the witch hunters have come to put an end to the Womb Cult...

An adventure for low level characters for Lamentations of the Flame Princess"

Third party Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg products have always been hit or miss for us. But  the recommendation of a friend does carry some weight & boy is this one solid. 'Womb Cult' by 
Andrew Marrington from From Grimm Aramil Publishing is a forty four page adventure for the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg that packs in the weirdness. And unlike other LoFP products this one actually delivers the alien goods. 

 Womb Cult is an adventure with a cross witchcraft & alien invasion theme as a basic adventure starter package. Man this one is well laid out, gives the punch to the PC's straight out of the gate, & the whole cloth of the adventure is well done. This isn't an adventure that exploits women but an adventure that exploits everyone.. period. You can drop this adventure into the back end of rural England during the English Civil War or the Hundred Years War campaign. 
The layout here is concise, the themes a cross between disturbing & the high weirdness of a 50's Science Fiction movie on the late night channel on cable, the encounters are nasty. 

'Womb Cult ' is the type of low level adventure that I wish had been out when I running LoFP Carcosa or 'World of the Lost' by Rafael Chandler. The reason is simple 'Womb Cult '  takes the tired clich√© of a beginning adventure & turns it into a campaign spring board. For LoFP's 'Womb Cult ' turns up the adventure without sacrificing the content. This is a pure alien invasion of the worst kind & it shows. But this isn't a nega dungeon of the usual Lamentations variety instead  'Womb Cult ' is a campaign beginning or spring board. 

The production values here are top notch & the artwork is on point for an LoFP third party product. Is this a winnable adventure for a party?! Its gonna depend upon the players expectations & what they choose to do. There are some direr & dangerous things here in  'Womb Cult '. 
Don't make any mistakes here  'Womb Cult ' isn't for the kids folks. This is a Lamentations of the Flame Princess module so there's adult themes, ideas, & some icky content for everyone. Can  'Womb Cult ' be used with a traditional Dungeons & Dragons style game?! In a word, yes! 
You could drag & drop  'Womb Cult ' into the back end of a Greyhawk campaign or even Mystara with little effort. But  'Womb Cult ' is a hard core Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventure. Could it be used with other OSR systems?! Oh most certainly. 

First of all  'Womb Cult ' could easily be used with an Adventurer, Conqueror, King rpg campaign in spades. The whole thing lock, stock, & two smoking blunder buss barrels could be dropped into that system using ACK's Guns of War book. Because of the black powder weapons & such. 

'Womb Cult '  could also work very well into a black powder Castles & Crusades game campaign. The science fantasy high weirdness makes this a very easily adaptable adventure. The cult operating in some country back water means that they can spread quite easily throughout a region.  The PC's could have a Hell of a time eradicating it. 
And this also means that 'Womb Cult '  could work very well as a heresy within a Dark Albion or Lion & Dragon rpg campaign. There's tons of mileage that a DM could get out of this adventure. 

Is 'Womb Cult ' perfect? No its not but it provide a really nice alternative beginning adventure & tool kit for a from the ground up Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg game campaign. This adventure played right could provide years of 'cat & mouse' play easily & could be used as the basis for an entire alien invasion from the ground up within a campaign. Its nice to see an alternative 'alien invasion'  adventure that doesn't use the usual Mind Flayer adventure. 'Womb Cult ' is in fact a solid OSR module & very well done. FYI 'Womb Cult ' was bought with my own money & I will be running it for my players coming up.

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