Thursday, December 3, 2020

The War of the Worlds Godzilla 1898! - A Troll Lord Games Victorious rpg Campaign - 'City State of the World Emperor Tour?!' Last Night's Session Report

 Its two twenty one A.M. & we're just getting back from our  The War of the Worlds Godzilla 1898! game using the Victorious rpg system. The party was confronted by Martian agents during tonights game & things got heated to say the least! The cultists were trying to kidnap Prince Sthachac The Pallid Ruler of the Seventh Throne. Whom if you'll recall our party of 'heroes' mangaded free from another cult's lair last session.  During tonight's game things went from bad to worse as they were hunted through the winding streets of New York by small martian scout walkers. Prince Sthachac The Pallid Ruler of the Seventh Throne let loose with the full fury of both demon sword & the magicks of Zothique. 

The party has had it with the scout walkers by this point & lead them down a blind alleyway. Then collapsed a number of load baring walls on them! The party then raided the walkers killing any Martians they came across. That's when they heard the familiar Godzilla roar from New York harbor! The Gman himself was engaged with three Martian mecha & there was a tremendeous blast of energy from Godzilla shattering two of the Martian mecha! 

The party saw the familiar glow of Godzilla atomic breath vs the Martian heat rays! The party combed through the wreckage of the scout walkers  coming across another Martian Crystal Egg. The eggs in question come from H.G. Wells short novella 'The Crystal Egg'. But in our games their  uses come from Heretic Works blog entry on the Crystal Eggs 

The party had to leave behind at least two of these incredible objects in their travels because of moving from one location to another. The party is now moving on too Arthur Conan Doyle's Maple White Land. Which means going back to one of the Hunter & Hunters armories  with some of their ill gotten gain. The Victorious rpg isn't a game of treasure collecting but Castles & Crusades is. So last night was a bargaining session in the middle of a warzone. Lots of fun opportunities there! 

Maple White Land is home to some really nasty dinosaurs & Kaiju of its own right. So the players have no idea what to expect. There was talk of half of the party going recruit more muscle from Judge's Guild  
City State of the World Emperor. This comes from the mouth of our paladin's player who isn't really happy about having to be in combat with prince wielding a demon sword dedicated to Demogoron. 

But the other players were all for it! Much to the uncomfort of the party's paladin whose had to do quite a bit of praying,begging, & getting a right bollocking from his god. He continues to serve without question but the player has been recently learning new modern medicine & herbal techiques from other members of the party. 

The hold out from our paladin's god has been the rather nasty vampiric cult operating in South America that has ties to  the so called ' Cult of Drelzna' that's operating out of a good portion of the area surrounding Maple White Land. They have a  copy of the  the Demonomicon of Iggwilv. But the players don't think its the 'real' one which is leading to all kinds of speculation. 

So now its off to the City State to recruit new PC's, but there's been player speculation that I've got something really nasty planned coming up!!? Serious like  the so called ' Cult of Drelzna' isn't enough of a threat?! And how does the Golden Dawn figure into all of this?! 

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