Monday, December 21, 2020

Walking Backwards In The OSR - Using OSR & Dungeons & Dragons Urban/Horror Fantasy Campaign Resources

So we got emails about  yesterday's blog post about Veterans of the Supernatural Wars rpg. And no this isn't the Shadowrun  rog nor is it White Wolf's rpg books or World of Darkness. We're talking a very different feel entirely here. Way back in The Dragon issue #57 there was a great article called  "  Modern monsters — 20th-century adventuring"  And its right from here that we dive in for an OSR fueled game possibly using either B/X Dungeons & Dragons or Swords & Wizardry. But there is a third option here. 

We'd jump right back into the modern OSR rpg's & in this case Adventurer,Conqueror,King, rpg for for most of my Dungeons & Dragons style  fantasy races. There are several reasons for this not including ACK's has a well developed & very well defined version of both Elves & Dwarves within it. These  classic races are some of the driving forces of the game. We'll get back to them in a moment. 

This isn't the only reason, the so called ACK's 'sink of evil' has many uses within an urban/fantasy or  horror game campaign  this is an option that's defined within the main ACK's rule book. Now moving back into the Adventurer,Conqueror, King rpg Companion there are lots of PC options that could come in hand to create an urban fantasy adventurer including dwarven delver, dwarven fury, dwarven machinist, elven courtier, elven enchanter, elven ranger, gnomish trickster, mystic, Nobiran wonderworker, paladin, priestess, shaman, Thrassian gladiator, venturer, warlock, witch, and more. All of these can easily be ported over to the Veterans rpg. 
For actually ready to go adventures & one shots then we turn to the hard drive & Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg lines. 

So the world of the supernatural laps up against the sides of our reality allowing the worlds of the occult to occasionally cross over. These places trap travellers  from other worlds within them. And here's where James Edward Raggi IV's  Tales of the Scarecrow comes in really handy; "Another twisted experiment in turning your game on its head: A house in the center of a cornfield contains horror, magic, and complications for any unwise enough to investigate. It's not so much an adventure as a hostage situation.

Perfect for Referees looking for something special when the random encounter roll indicates something should happen when traveling through (barely) civilized lands."

That's right the player's PC's wake up within the farmhouse & have no idea how they got there!? They can all speak the same language. And none of the black powder era details are changed within the adventure adding just that bit more strangeness of the Twilight Zone like atmosphere to the affair. 

If the PC's escape then their war on the supernatural is assured believe me when this adventure had been run in the past the players had a mad on for the occult. Another older & very nasty little adventure that the PC's could easily get emeshed into is Zzarchov Kowolski's Pale Lady; "
Deep in the woods, every woods, there seems to be a monstrous child stealing witch.

Every spring more and more children go missing never to return.

Two years ago one returned from his absence and is telling tales of vast riches, monstrous servitors, and the way back to her accursed domain" This is a perfect mid tier adventure for a brush with the monsterous world of the Faerie.

Either of these two adventures could set the campaign plot in full force for a game campaign set out in the Mid West of the United States or even someplace close to one of the New England states easily. And now if you don't want your traditional Dungeons & Dragons fantasy races to come from another world?! We covered The 'Volume of Lexicon Geographicum Arcanum' by Andrew Marrington from Grimm Aramil Publishing.   on the blog here 
Your Elves & Dwarves can now easily come from the 'Inner Earth' fully aware of the modern world & still able to deal with the world of 2020 or whatever era you'd like. 

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