Saturday, December 5, 2020

Mutation Solution II - Carcosa & Cha'alt World Campaign Session Report I -Stand Alone After the Fall

 So last night the players & myself got together despite the threat of snow & bad roads. The way things went down not every player of mine was there on a Friday night. So they wanted a one shot gaming session with no holds barred. And they got it! Way back in August I got back into a Carcosa & Cha'alt workshop with some of my dungeon masters. Now for the past several days maybe a week we've been talking non stop about the Stormbringer rpg on this blog & you would swear that the players get jealous about the game.  Now bare in mind that nothing was prepared for this game ahead of time. We were expecting other players. Three of my regulars as a matter of fact. 

So what does this have to do with the Stormbringer rpg?! Quite a bit as we shall see. The players wanted a no hold barred powerful or divine game where the PC's would make a difference. So we started thinking about a PC  hit squad to take down the powers of Cha'alt. The OSR  system had to be flexible & they wanted to really put me in a bind by  get this  running Castles & Crusades Using Adventurer,Conqueror, King rpg as the base. Now being the crazy bastard that erm great dungeon master that I'm I agreed. 
They wanted several of the PC's to be veterans of Steve Miller's Immortal Wars   which has been an on going thing for years now in my campaigns.  Yes this means that Steve Miller's Neulow Games D20 Secrets of the Immortals has been  into the mix for this campaign! The player's wizard  recruited an astral guide hireling to guide them about their planar destinations. A price was agreed upon again this was all role played out. 

As a DM I had no problem with this, then one of the players threw me a real curve ball using the fact that she wanted to play a version of Lady Satan especially the last incarnation from 2004.  

Now the last time Lisa had played her character she retired her back to Hell. And so we were going to role play this out to the hilt! So the PC's had to go to the edge of the Dark Wood surrounding Hell where her crypt is located to recruit her. That entails any random encounters that were rolled up! The players readily agreeded. This isn't just any garden variety Hell either. This is Judges's Guild's Inferno & those random encounter tables can be lethal. This session could be over before it began. 

The next recruit was a hulking knight from the Wilderlands of High Fantasy & that was very interesting. There was a bit of a dust up because of a difference of opion but the whole affair went smoothly. And then since Mark wanted his wife to play an Amazonian  blade dancer we got one of those in the mix as well. 

Now how can you have a paladin in with a semi demonic creature?! Well that's because this isn't a paladin but a knight. There's a huge difference that many forget about. The other two player's PC's were fugitives from Torth. Who had escaped from slavery on Torth & were seeking the player's PC's help. Or is it simply a trap!? 

Then the players proceeded into the Dark Wood of Hell & here's where things got really tricky. Every other incarnation of Lady Satan were waiting for the PC's! And within the Dark Wood a pack of hell hounds was waiting to the party apart! If this wasn't played correctly things could have gone from bad to worse! 

The party's wizard managed several really solid rolls to talk their way outta of the situation & ended up taking on Satan as his patron! And he lost a bit of his soul in the bargain. The party ended up with their version of Lady Satan. But at a high cost. Then just to throw me a curve ball again, they wanted to journey to Cha'alt's city of A'agrybah! That meant that everything in my campaign note books was thrown out of the window. Why?! Because Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise moves everything up in the timeline! 

And then we had to end here because the snow started to get really nasty & the roads iced up. Everyone got home safe & sound after several phone calls, texts, etc. We pick in the big   Cha'alt's city of A'agrybah! 

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