Tuesday, December 28, 2021

OSR Review & Commentary on Modern War: Baltic War by Paul Elliot from Zozer Games For For the Modern War Rpg or Your Old School 2d6 rpg 's

 "War in the Baltic states.

As Belarus considers applying for NATO membership, and the West hesitates to commit … Russian forces seize the initiative, launching an invasion of the Baltic States and Belarus. Now a number of NATO units are trapped behind the lines and must wage a guerrilla war. In Belarus a tank war has begun, with Minsk, the capital, the prize. Welcome to modern war…

Baltic War is a campaign premise for Zozer Games’ Modern War RPG. It is a tool-kit that provides various situations, mission ideas and squad templates that allow players to fight the Russian invasion in one of several national armies, at one of several battlefronts, each different from the rest.

Baltic War includes new vehicles, new weapons, guidance on helicopter gunship attacks and a list of national armies and deployed units. NPCs for the guerrilla war are also included."

This blog post is going to pick right up from this one on the blog, OSR Review & Commentary On Modern War: China Sea campaign by Paul Elliot From Zozer Games For the Modern War Rpg or Your Old School 2d6 rpg 's

DM Steve introduced us to Modern War: Baltic War by Paul Elliot from Zozer Games & what a rather nasty campaign this is! We were thinking of playing it as one of several nation's armies. Paul Elliot is a historian & his writing reflects this dealing with the Nato vs Russia campaign. Damn is this packed with some hard core factions, missions, and some down right nasty areas as the Russia invasion begins. For thirty nine pages  Mondern War: Baltic War is packed with all kinds of Modern War nastiness & its a very well done squad & infanty level game. And Modern War: Baltic War takes full advantage of the Modern War rpg system on many levels as a tool box. 

Modern War: Baltic War  is an excellent tool kit with all of the trimmings including each of the sides factions, equipment, dangers, etc. all of these will be familiar to the Twilight 2000 rpg DM. Baltic War presents an interesting alternative too Twilight 2000 with a very different, 'What if' in spades. This is a near future that can not happen or the world will have another pillar of the Third World War waiting to happen. And that the kick in the balls, 'the Russians are assuming Nato will cut off their international nose while NATO assumes the same for the Russians'. This means that there are four theatres of war waiting to happen. The  Total War rpg thrives on squad & infantry level encounters and it does so without paying attention to the air or navel war fare points of military action  of the Baltic War campaign. Baltic War  is simply a land based ground & pound war. These are heady combinations that play with fans of  the Twilight 2000 rpg & makes the Modern War a viable alternative or an add on for the venerable military rpg. Modern War: The Baltic War takes Mordern War into other directions. 
Baltic War does three things very well, it expands & entertains the Modern War rpg, it presents four threatres of combat, it brings the Baltic Region into focus as a viable campaign setting, and it brings to the table many options for the dungeon master to play with. 

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