Saturday, July 9, 2022

The Blackguards Mini Campaign & The Resort of the Dead By Miguel Ribeiro, Sílvia Clemente, & Joe Coombs Powered By The SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Core Rules by Bloat Games

 So at the last minute I've had to come up with a full on OSR adventure for this evening to DM. The session report of the Blackguard that the other day appeared on this blog has caught on with our players. They talked it over with DM Steve & wanted a more comicbook approach to the affair. And so we started using the SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Core Rules by Bloat Games.  The cavet here is that I get to choose the adventure for our dimension hopping mercs. 

 And since I don't have a lot of time to prepare, I wanted to kill two birds with one stone tonight. So with a quick purchase the Red Room's Resort of the Dead appeared in my cart. That's right this isn't a comp copy but an adventure that clocks in at about fifty three pages of undead goodness. The Blackguard teleport in & have only a vague idea of uneasiness that their psychic reads. And since the undead are not alive she'll be complete unaware of the impending zombie apocalpyse. Why when they do become aware would they stay?! Never underestimate the power of player greed. Gold & cocaine found within the hotel's vaults is motive enough a plenty. 

So why 
SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City?! Because of the fact that the game itself has its roots within a zombie infestation background. And fun in the sun zombie apocalpyse sounds perfect for a Summertime mini campaign. The players will have limited ammo, devices, etc. and after a couple of days gametime the encounters are going to get dicey really quick! 
Got the entire The Resort of the Dead By Miguel Ribeiro, Sílvia Clemente, & Joe Coombs all printed out and ready to go for tonight! 
Reading through their are a ton of NPC's to interact with or get tripped up by or  in  Resort of the Dead. Even super powers are not going to make any real difference to hordes of undead stumbling along the beach. At four dollars  Resort of the Dead was a steal. 

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