Tuesday, July 26, 2022

OSR Commentary - Happy International E. Gary Gygax Day!

Everytime you sit down to design a dungeon or break open the first edition  Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook or the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide your celebrating Gary Gygax day. 

Every single time you sit down at a rpg convention for a classic Dungeons & Dragons module such as Keep of the Borderlands your celebrating Gary Gygax day. And each year that Mr.Gygax's passing get's a bit further away in time.He seems to slip from our collective memories. Or does he?! 
The truth is that even though outfits like Wizards of the Coast & their corporate owners Hasbro would like us to forget about Gary E.Gygax & David Lance  Arneson. We who carry our dice knowing the legacy that Dungeons & Dragons & Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition  brings with the game. 
But do we need a E. Gary Gygax day? In a word yes, the legacy of  both  Gary E.Gygax & David Lance  Arneson needs to be preserved. Not through days but games or events of original Dungeons & Dragons, B/X Dungeons & Dragons, as well as Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. 
Otherwise their memories will fade like the morning due and these wonderful games origins will be forgotten. Bearing this in mind everyday is Traveller day, E.Gary Gygax day, David Lance Arneson, & every other creator's day who put pen to paper to create these wonderful games. 

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