Monday, July 11, 2022

OSR Commentary On The Hostile Rpg Referee Screen For The Hostile rpg, Old School 2d6 Science Fiction Rpg's & Cepheus Engine based Rpg's

 "The Hostile Referee's Screen provides colour inserts for the gamemaster's GM screen. 

"The exterior panels depict four pieces of immersive and richly coloured art from the world of Hostile. The interior panels are four really useful data sheets providing key rules and information set out for immediate in-game reference!"

"BONUS: the companion booklet includes 15 pages of NPCs for Hostile, including examples from every career, plus androids and even proles"

The Hostile Rpg Referee has just the right information within it for the Hostile rpg dungeon master. The fact that it 15 pages of NPC's works for me as a DM when I need to design adventures centered around the Hostile universe or my own sectors for that matter. The more that I read through the Hostile Rpg Rulebook & Hostile Setting book that more I'm convinced that Hostile is a 2d6 Science Fiction rpg with a horror option. 
Between space missions, exploration, mining & bringing the PC's into the thick of all of these. The NPC's are a part of the backbone of the Hostile rpg adventure  mechanism. 
Looking at the Hostile rpg the in universe has a plethora of lethality & danger that abound for the PC's. Yet the main Hostile rpg system makes the missions & adventures exciting enough with several simple systems that keep the action going. The Referee's screen compliments the Hostile Rules quite nicely.  

Given the adventure backbone of the Hostile Rules this screen comes into a play during Hostile rpg sessions & games. This is essentially true of the combat break down of the Hostile rpg screen which has played host to our games. 
The Hostile ship sheet is one of the best star ship PC sheets that has gotten it's use at the table top level during Hostile rpg games. Easy, simple, and fast the star ship sheet is one that allows the DM to keep track of the PC's creations. 

The Hostile Rpg Referee Screen For The Hostile rpg, Old School 2d6 Science Fiction Rpg's  & Cepheus Engine based Rpg's Is Available Here. 

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